Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Entering the world of Blogging!

I don't claim to be an amazing writer and I'm sure that the the stuff I write about won't be of interest to most people but essentially I'm starting this blog for me as a diary of motherhood. So if you do end up following me, then welcome aboard, if not then I'm not offended!

Basic Facts about me:
- Mum to Isla, aged 15 months. Her current favourite things are: "Gummy" (dummy to you and I) and Sheepy, her fluffy lamb
- Married to Tony, a hard working postman and fabulous Daddy to Isla
- Working part time (although I find it hard to call 29 hours a week part time!) for a market research agency

I guess my other intentions for this blog are to share various tips and ideas that have been of help to me in my early days of parenthood. Things along the lines of useful items to buy, great places to go out, ways to entertain little one, sites I've found useful etc etc.

So there you have it, my first blog post. If you're reading this then "Hello!".

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