Monday, 1 November 2010


My daughter is now officially obsessed with her dummy, or "Gummeeee" as she calls it. I really didn't want a child who goes about with a dummy during the daytime. Before I had kids I would see little ones in their buggies with a dummy firmly in place and I'd make a judgement that their parents wanted to shut their children up. Little did I know that babies can form such a strong attachment to their dummy that they want it all the time and unless you want to get embroiled in a tantrum it feels easier to give in and hand it over!

In our house, "Gummeee" seems to be the default word if Isla can't think of any other word to say. She can be playing quite happily with "Babeeee" and then out of the blue, she quietly says "Gummeee" and then it's not forgotten until she has it, she's like a broken record, getting louder until it's in her possession. We try to hide them, but there's always one lurking somewhere that she will find - and we'll see her looking jubilant walking round the house as if to say 'nur, nur, nee, nur, nur!' and we'll look at one another wondering who was to blame for leaving a rogue dummy lying around!! During the night my hubbie and I can be blissfully asleep and through the still and quiet we're awoken to the cries of "Gummmmmmmmeeeeeee" until we go in and replace it. Some nights this doesn't happen but last night it was 3 times!!!

I've tried to replace Gummee with a soft toy (Sheep) so that she has that instead but all that's happened instead is that she wants Gummee and Sheep together! Also in my enthusiasm to get her fixed on a toy I picked the one that wasn't exactly small.......

In the same way that Isla has become obsessed with the dummy I have become obsessed with reading about getting rid of it. Some mums suggest cold turkey (I couldn't take the melt downs that this would create!), others waiting a while till you can explain the dummy fairy is coming to take it away and replace with a gift for them, others have snipped the dummy so that in effect it doesn't work and acted equally as baffled as the child when they show them the ineffectual mouthpiece! There is also the chat where you tell them what a big girl they are that they need to donate their dummy to the little babies in the hospital.

So for the time being I've decided that I will be one of those mums that I used to look at and judge, as I've realised that sometimes the battle isn't worth it and I'm gearing up for a conversation with her when she's around 2, where I will probably resort to bribery to rid us of Gummee forever!!

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