Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Knit One, Purl One

As mentioned in my previous post Seize the days – live life to the full! I’m off to a knitting class and I just remembered this morning that it’s TONIGHT!! Even though I write everything down in my diary I still can’t keep a handle on what I’m doing from one day to the next (bit scary considering I’m a project manager by profession....).
Anyway, the knitting class. I’m not sure what I’m expecting but my intentions when I signed up for it were to learn a new skill. I got obsessed with learning new skills after watching the BBC programme Survivors whereby a virus hits Earth and most of the population are wiped out, apart from a few social misfits who were immune. Obviously it’s a rather morbid thing to happen but it got me thinking if we had to survive it would be good to have skills that you could use to trade with other people until the world got back on its feet. My version of the TV programme would obviously be a bit more idealistic than what happened in the show, people seemed to prefer going round with guns and making threats to get all the things they needed to survive!! In my world it would work something like this: I would knit someone a jumper in exchange for 3 months supply of eggs, or a haircut – sound like quite fair trades to me!
I’ve done a bit of knitting before - well sort of! My Nan would teach me every now and then when I was younger as I would insist I wanted to learn. I would start the obligatory scarf (because this is all you can think of knitting when you’re about 8 years old!), get about 20 rows into it and see all the holes where I’d dropped stitches, get frustrated and give up. So tonight I’m hoping that with age on my side I won’t give up after a few hours, and perhaps if I set my sights on something a bit more exciting than a scarf I might find it an inspiring past time that I can in turn pass on to my little girl. I'm not sure I'll be skilled enough to dress the survivors of a Pandemic head to toe in knitted fashions but I'll do my best! More tomorrow.....

photo by Flickr user The Loopweaver

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