Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Nocturnal Awakenings!

Just lately I've not been sleeping.... There are 3 reasons for this and all 3 of them live in this house with me!! First things first...

Generally I'm not a night owl, I've always been an up with the larks kind of person - well that was until I had a baby and realised that actually 8am isn't early, 7am is normal and 6am isn't unheard of. So in light of the enforced wake up time i skip off to bed about 10pm every night, whether it's a school night or a weekend, I need my sleep. However other beings have other ideas!

So, I creep up our stairs at the bedtime hour. It's worth saying that it's virtually impossible to creep up our stairs, even our cat sounds like a hippo when he hops up them. I don't think they've been replaced since 1901 when the house was built and my size 8's aren't going to sound dainty. I get to the landing and that's when Isla rouses. "Gummee, gummeee, gummee". So then instead of hopping into bed I'm replacing her dummy and perhaps shushing her back off to sleep. Job done, into bed, bliss.

Well only for about an hour because then the snoring has started. I like to get a head start on the sleeping business because I know sooner or later I will have the husband next to me snoring like a goodun, and I'll have to shove him on his side and hiss at him to STOP SNORING! Ok, so that's him dealt with, back to sleep.....

*BOOOOF!!!* That's Bobcat just jumped on my chest, a little sniff in my face and then settling down for a kip on my legs. Some nights I am so comatose that I don't feel him jump on me but in my dreams I get this weighty sensation that wakes me up to him sitting right on top of me. I love Bobcat to bits and because I feel guilty that he gets a bit less attention in our house since Isla's arrival I let him sleep wherever he likes. However some nights he doesn't just stay asleep. Sometimes he likes to leap all over the bedside tables, run up and down the stairs and Meeeeeoooww as loudly as he can. You see, we don't have a cat flap, so he's reliant on us to let him out and this is how he gets our attention.

So, there's a few good reasons that I'm not sleeping so good at the moment, but none of them are going anywhere and for that I'm glad! :-)


  1. are you are too sweet. I'd be shoving the cat off and shoving the other half if his snoring kept me awake.

  2. Funny cos I've got no qualms about shoving the other half, just not the cat! LOL!