Thursday, 18 November 2010

Tea and Crafting

So, I went to my knitting class and it was great! A real nice change to my usual weekday evenings, where I do the harem scarem commute from London to Surrey, making a dash so I don't miss bathtime and bedtime stories. On Tuesday night Daddy took over and gave me a break from The Very Hungry Caterpillar!

The class is run by Jane Gois and I found her site Tea and Crafting when I did a google search for knitting lessons. The site itself looked really inviting and friendly and that turned out to be the case on the night too. I spent 3 hours in the company of Jane and 5 other budding knitters. We were supplied with bamboo needles, a ball of wool, some printed notes and a lovely brew and muffin! Jane was very patient with us and showed us the ropes on casting on and off, plain, purl, moss stitches and chatted about other knitting related things. Once we got started we were all really into it and picked it up quickly. Memories of knitting with my Nan came back to me. She would always cast on for me and make all the first stitches and I'd take it from there. Now I can make all my own stitches, although I might still be calling on her to sort out my mistakes when I go wrong! It takes a lot of concentration at first but Jane told us that she had on occasion gone to the cinema and done her knitting in the dark, showing that you don't need to watch it all the time once you're experienced.

Just to prove the popularity of the Tea and Crafting a couple of the other girls had already done some of the other courses that Jane runs, and now I've completed this session I'd love to try crochet next. I thoroughly enjoyed myself and would recommend it to anyone who's thinking of trying something new or is a bit rusty and wants a refresher. I'm no expert but I think I might start off simple and knit squares to make a blanket, I'll keep you posted on my progress.
Photo above showing my efforts on Tuesday!

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  1. you're right Janes workshop was great - i signed up for the beginner's class this July gone and i enjoyed so much. knitting is now my favourite hobby. and i have just signed up for janes sock knitting workshop - oh what fun that shall be :)