Tuesday, 9 November 2010


I love how Isla has become a sponge for words now. She seems to soak them up and it doesn't take her long to remember and use them. Although we are very fixated on 'eyes' and 'nose' (and of course 'gummee'!) at the moment. She doesn't just say them though, she likes to demonstrate that she knows exactly where they are and she does this by poking my eye out, or scratching the end of my nose! In the lucky event that I have my glasses on instead she says 'glatches' which I find funny and sweet everytime.

I'm loving that we're starting to be able to communicate. I can say things to her and I'm pretty sure that she understands about 50% of the time. However the other 50% of the time she communicates back by whining or saying 'No'. She rarely says yes. I say, "are you going to have a nice day today?" and the answer is "No". She usually says it followed by a little smirk as if she knows that she's being funny!

My current favourite Isla expression is "Owwww Nooooo" used when she drops something or falls over and sounding rather like Big Mo from Eastenders! The other one which I'm not quite sure about is when she's had a poo (sorry!) she says "bum". This is my cue to change her nappy and I'm very pleased that she is able to tell me this (although the smell is generally a give away!), but I've not been out and about with her yet when she's shouted "BUM" so not sure how I'll feel about it till then.

I'm enjoying this stage of her development immensely although I'm sure that with the growing vocab there will be some embarrassment on my part when she says words that I might not be quite so happy to hear in public!!

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