Thursday, 30 December 2010

Pee on a Stick

You are now looking at a picture of a stick that I pee-ed on - yuk...but obviously its more than that, it's proof of another baby on the way!
It was planned (but to hit the bulls eye on the first go wasn't exactly expected.. Bully's special prize...) and we're excited but it has thrown up all sorts of questions and feelings, some of which I experienced last time but others that are new. Here they all are:

- Should we find out the sex? We did the first time round - this was because I'm no good at waiting to find things out - I hate surprises - and I really liked being able to think of names for one gender. This time around I'm not so sure. I had a terribly long latent phase of labour and then when finally in the hospital I had a dreadful time so I'm wondering if not knowing the sex might help to spur me on - or is this just poppycock?

- If it's a boy will I know what to do with it? This one is ridiculous I know, but I'm obviously female, I'm one of two sisters and I have a little girl. Will I enjoy watching Thomas the Tank Engine and doing rough tough boy stuff? And boys names, they're just not as easy to decide on than girls!

- Is the age gap going to be a nightmare between new baby and big baby - 2 years = terrible two's doesn't it? 

- How will we afford 2 children? This question came up the first time around and I keep telling myself that it worked then so it will work again - somehow!

- Will me and hubbie survive the sleepless nights again and more importantly weather the teething storm with another baby - praying that big baby has all her teeth by then or we'll have double trouble!

- How will our number 1 girl feel about being a big sister?

- Will Bobcat finally leave home as he realises that his home has been invaded by not just one but two marauding monsters!

- Most important wilI I ever find the time to get my hair cut again? Not had a cut since February (!), and while I'm on the subject I could do with a full mummy makeover, so any TV execs out there - I'm your haggard example of a 35 year old who once liked to look nice, who now is lucky to have time to drag a brush through my hair.

There are plenty more questions and thoughts where they came from but I'd be all night, these are top of mind right now. Typically they all enter my head as I'm about to crash out for a nights sleep. All I know is that we're entering the next stage of the adventure of life and who knows what it will bring?


  1. First off congrats :) I read your post on bloggy moms. I went through the same thought process when I got pregnant with my last baby (only we already had 2) and in the end it all didn't matter, it all worked out and now he is almost 1. In my opinion when they are closer in age it's easier to handle and they get along better. Good luck to you momma and as far as the hair cut lol I've been there! I finally told all my family that for my bday all I wanted was a nice do-over and I finally got it, but now I probably need another! lol

  2. Aaaaw HUGE congrats to you. I'm sure everything will fit into place and your worries will be a thing of the past - when the new baby arrives you won't have time to worry ;-)
    Love the POAS pic!
    Here's to a H&H pregnancy for you.
    Heather x
    p.s. I'm starting a blog as of tomorrow - eek! I'll be looking to you for tips!

  3. @Ashleyb - aww thanks, it can't be bad if you've got 3! But I guess the haircuts just get a bit fewer and far between!
    @Heather - good luck with the blog - I will take a look - I follow you on twitter, so I'm sure I'll see the premiere post! :-)

  4. Well you look brilliant so not doing bad at all. Bit of pampering is good though. We didn't know first time but did second for practical reasons like needing blue or using number 1's cast off's. The boy bit just comes naturally although Phil will tell you a story about me and having a son after being one of two girls! Your friends from antenatal with boys can help mine were brilliant one of the best tips after 3 wee's at me in one nappy change (with an audience) put a tissue over it. I didn't have luck with breast feeding so had pack
    Loads of spare breast pads great wee defenders. Isla will love no2 oh yeah they will have fights but the kisses and cuddles for each other are the best. It all just works out. It really does. Tears come and go but actually it all goes very quickly. You will be brilliant and with Tony's support it will be the best x x x& for now you just have to look after yourself x x happy new year x x

  5. Congratulations!!!

    I hear you loud and clear. I've got one daughter coming up for 3 in March. The pressure's on for no.2 and I have all the same fears and quandries as you. Plus, how on earth can you love 2 children the same amount? Does your love get halved and split between the 2 or do you just suddenly get a whole new bunch of love to give to number 2. Also, if I had a boy, I'd be a bit annoyed as there aren't so many cool clothes for boys! Shallow I know!

    By the way, my daughter loves trains and Thomas so you might get a girl that's that way inclined!

    Lovely to have found your blog.