Saturday, 4 December 2010
As a relatively new blogger I've only just come across Tara Cain's Sticky Fingers blog and 'The Gallery'. The idea is that Tara will give a prompt (can be a word, phrase, object etc) and then people respond by posting a photo that captures that prompt for them. This is my first time having a go at The Gallery, but when I saw the word was 'White' the only thing that came into my mind was our cat, Bobcat. Here he is:
He is our big, beautiful, white fluffball, I like to think of him as the Liberace of cats! We've had him for nearly 3 years since a good friend of mine moved flats and no longer had a garden. He has settled in and really has a big place in our affections - see previous blog post 'Nocturnal Awakenings' for proof of just how much he gets away with. He has dealt with having a new baby (now toddler) in the house very well, although he spends a bit more time under the bath than he used to! He's found this week a little bit trying with the snow, only ventured out once, for 30 seconds and the scuttled back pronto. This caused havoc with his daily ablutions - he's very modest and doesn't like an audience when he's in the litter tray....
Isla adores him but the feeling isn't reciprocated - he's not so keen on her shrieking "Bobbeeee, Bobbeeee". My favourite picture of them together is this one:
And speak of the devil, he's just hopped up on the sofa to keep me company now. We love you Bobcat!


  1. jdppjoyce said...:

    Aw, that's so cute! Am glad little Bobby has found a good home ;0) xx

  1. Mom on a Wire said...:

    Aaaw he is gorgeous and she is adorable!

  1. What a handsome mancat! welcome to the world of blogging!

    Herding Cats x


    P.S. I have three cats, who have their own blog


  1. Mrs Donnelly said...:

    thanks guys - he's truly very handsome

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