Tuesday, 18 January 2011

7 Things You didn't know About Me...A Meme

Yesterday I was tagged by MissieLizzie at Me and My Shadow to join in with the '7 things you didn't know about me meme'. I'm not very good at things like this but I put my mind to it and came up with the following facts.....

1. When I was younger I wanted my middle name to be Cindy...

2. In primary school I really wanted to be Mary in the nativity play but because the headmistress witnessed a tantrum with my mum in the playground about not buying me sweets, she said I couldn't be Mary for fear that I would have a tantrum in the middle of the play - BITCH.

3. I used to have a crush on Snooker ace Stephen Hendry - yeah I know - yuk!

4. I had a Saturday job in a florist when I was 15 and once mixed up some floral tributes for a funeral - I felt terrible.

5. I was a Brossette. Grolsch bottle tops on my shoes, James Dean belt buckle, bandanna, I bought into it all, including untold copies of Smash Hits with my idols on the front cover. I Heart Matt Goss, oh dear!

6. I've been to see Level 42 within the past 2 years (can't even claim it was in the 80's!), let me off though because it was a gift from me to my Dad...

7. I have a long scar on my right forearm where I fell over on my roller boots when I was about 7 and gouged it on a rusty old gate

There you go, some facts that you may or probably may not have wanted to know but it's been fun trying to recall things!

The rules of the challenge are that I have to tag another 15 people to do the challenge but I've seen so many tweeps/ bloggers I know take the challenge that I don't think I can do this bit - maybe next time I might be a bit quicker off the mark and get my tags in first! What are your 7 facts? It's hard isn't it!


  1. Haha brilliant! Nice to hear someone else still has *issues* with their old headmistresses!

    I cringed for you at the florist bit. How awful. Was that the end of your floristry career?!

    Oh and Bros? Bros? Really?!

  2. the floristry continued for a bit until the day I left the fridge open with all the arrangements made up for Monday morning...they were a bit wilted.....lol!

  3. Great list! I had a crush on Stephen Hendry for a while too - I can't understand why, he was the most miserable spotty snooker player ever.

  4. ah can I join in??!! I need to tell someone my secret crush-bet you it's worse than Stephen Hendry.
    JoJo x

  5. i used to HEART bros too! they were ACE!!!!!

    brilliant, i am loving everyone's '7 things' blogs...they are great!

    tamsyn xx