Thursday, 20 January 2011

Cybermummy 2011 Sponsorship Request...

I am looking for a kind, caring, sharing sponsor to send me to CyberMummy 11 - the UK's number one blogging conference. 

I started blogging in November last year and since then I've become quite addicted to it! I've made some lovely mummy contacts in such a short space of time and they all in their own way add to my parenting experience, from sharing tips and problems to comparing funny anecdotes about our kids. I wanted my blog to reach out to new mums, and mums who are old hands at the job. When I became aware of Cybermummy 11,  I really felt it was something I wanted to be part of as it will help me move things along with my blog. I'd really value the advice and experience I could gain from attending. It takes place on the 25th June 2011 and it's basically the top notch event in the mummy blogging cybersphere! To enable me to go I would love to be sponsored by a business looking to reach out to the parenting world.

About me

I'm a 35 year old mother of 1, a daughter aged 18 months, also expecting baby number 2 in July, so I'll probably be the size of a planet come the 25th June, the day of the conference! I work 4 days a week, which apparently is part time, but feels like full time in my book. Apart from being a mum and employee, I blog and spend as much time as I can with friends and family.

What do I need?

Cybermummy ticket £100 - It's really that simple

And that really is all, as I live in Greater London and already own a season ticket for travel, so no need for accommodation or train fare

What I can offer you:

Announcement blog post and tweets announcing my partnership with your product/ brand

Further mentions in my blog and tweets in the run up to the event - this could be more lucrative for you if I had material to blog about in the form of products you need testing or competitions I could run for you

I Heart Motherhood will happily host an ad on the blog for your product/ brand in a prominent place that will be welcome to stay for 1 year

I will wear a T-shirt with your logo emblazoned across my bump at Cybermummy and believe me by then I will be enormous so you'll have a high profile while I'm there!

In a nutshell I would be a brilliant ambassador for you and your brand/ product, I'd work my little socks off!

I may not have thought of everything, so I'm all ears if there's anything else I may not have mentioned above! If you're interested and think we could work together then drop me a line at or tweet me @iheartmuthahood


  1. Good luck finding a sposnor, I'll look for the big bump on the day! Mich x

  2. Ah thank you Mich! Love your blog!