Wednesday, 26 January 2011

The Gallery - Children

When I saw that the topic this week for The Gallery was 'Children', the obvious choice was to pick a photo of my gorgeous daughter, but then I thought no, how's about a pic of me, in my favourite Chelsea shirt. I love this photo - the poor colour quality, the groovy 1970's decor and how lovely my nan looks! I also know that my mum would have cut that fringe and later on that day we'd probably have watched 'Metal Mickey' or 'Doctor Who' on the black and white TV.

My sister and I used to spend many a Saturday afternoon at our grandparents house while my mum worked and my Dad was in The Shed end at Stamford Bridge cheering on the blues. I loved wearing this shirt and if I could still have one item of my childhood clothing it would be this.

In the winter we'd spend hours playing board games or cards with my nan and in the summer we'd be having adventures amongst the beanstalks at the end of the garden, more often than not tottering around in my nan's high heeled shoes - we've got the Cine film somewhere of this, must get it out one day!

If you want to check out Tara's blog and all the other Gallery entries go to: Sticky Fingers - there are some brilliant pictures!


  1. Yaye! I love old photos. We have many like this too :)

  2. now i miss my nan!

    you were a cute wee thing

  3. Lovely pic - such a nice memory :)

  4. ah thanks guys, my nan's still alive and kicking, she's always been such a support to me. Special lady. :-)