Tuesday, 11 January 2011

New Obsession - Annie the Musical

While I was laid up in bed with tonsillitis the weekend before Christmas, my husband had the pleasure of looking after our 18 month old for 2 days on his own while I felt like I was dying. I felt really sorry for myself and I couldn't do anything, not even speak. The two of them spent the whole time keeping away from Mummy and when they did venture upstairs they would pop their heads around the door, Isla would come to the side of the bed and look very quizzically at me as if to say, 'what are you doing, why are you laying in bed instead of playing with us?' Hubbie would then usher them out so they didn't catch the bugs and Isla would wave at me and say 'bye, bye'. I felt miserable as I could hear all the laughter and usual hub bub of our family going on downstairs except without me!

On the second day of my confinement I noticed in the afternoon that things had gone very quiet downstairs, apart from the sound of 'Annie the musical'. I was intrigued! A bit later on I could hear Isla seemingly getting a bit worried and the Hubbie telling her not to worry Annie would be alright! I wasn't all that familiar with Annie at the time so didn't know the plot. Little did I know that I would become so familiar with the plot that I could now be Miss Hannigan's understudy (I'm sure I could pull off acting like an old lush and looking like a trannie!) and that I would also come to think that Albert Finny's 'Daddy Warbucks' was actually quite fanciable!!

Since that fateful day Isla has become obsessed with Annie and I don't use that term loosely (Annie seems to be as addictive as 'Gummeeeee' - see previous blog post!). From the first viewing she loved the song 'Tomorrow', her own version being 'Moro, Moro'. She does this from the minute she comes downstairs in the morning to the minute she goes to bed pointing at the TV and demanding 'Moro, Moro'. From the point in the film that my Hubbie realised that she was really into it he pressed record on Sky, this meant we only had it from about 25 minutes in and also had all the ad breaks to fast forward - and we have to do that as quickly as possible or we get 'moro, moro, moro, moro', chanted repeatedly until it comes back on. I find it so strange that at such a young age (18 months) she can love a film so much, I wouldn't have believed that a toddler would have the attention span to sit for long and believe me, she is as much of a live wire as any toddler, running rings round me and shrieking most of the time!

It has been known on any one day for Annie to have been on twice. I'd just like to make clear now that I'm not a parent that shoves their child in front of the TV and so we try our best to distract her into playing games or doing other activities but she truly loves it and so I've given in and bought the DVD, so that we can (a) watch it from the start and (b) not have ad breaks to fast forward! The DVD is a double bill with Oliver, so I'm hoping we might be able to transfer her affections to something different just for a change. Wish me luck.....


  1. This made me chuckle!!! My Tallulah is obsessed with a certain song from Bugsy Malone which was *my* obsession as a child!

    Bet Isla will call her baby girl "Annie" if this continues!!!

  2. Do you know what, I was going to try Bugsy Malone next, I reckon it has to be as captivating as Annie. Mary Poppins bombed.