Friday, 25 February 2011

The Baby Show Part 1 – My new career as a lingerie model....

Me being papped with TJ!
So, last Friday I went to the Baby Show at London ExCel. I was originally going because I had won some tickets and as I didn’t go to a Baby show when I had my daughter I thought I’d go for a browse now I’m expecting 2nd time around.

Then I spied a shout out from TJ at Bras4mums on Twitter, she was looking for a pregnant lady to show off her bump on her stand at the Baby show for a couple of hours. I have to say that standing in my underwear isn’t something I’ve done before (well unless you count a handful of times when I’ve been a bit drunk in my Uni!) but I just thought what the heck, I’m proud of my bump. It’s something to tell baby number 2 when he’s older and also while I’m feeling good about myself I should do it before everything goes completely south!

A couple of weeks before the show I got the nod that they’d love to have me and filled me in on what was needed. I would be fitted for a nursing bra and I would represent Bras4mums, having my photo taken by press and chatting to mothers who were interested in a fitting. The hope was that I would draw attention to the stand. As the day approached, I was nervous but also excited!

On the day I dropped Isla off at nursery and began my day out, really looking forward to meeting TJ and her team and also having a day all to myself to indulge in looking at baby goodies. On arriving at London ExCel, I found Bras4mums and met everyone on the stand, TJ, founder of Bras4mums, Liz from Weston Comms, Alison, one of the fitters and Keira from Mamascarf.

TJ got me trying on all different nursing bras (styles/ colours/ brands) and we decided on a gorgeous blue one from Womana. She gave me a quick education in her line of work, so that I could chat to the ladies who came by the stand for a fitting. It’s so important to get a well fitted bra as the changes in a woman’s body when pregnant and after baby has arrived are hard enough to deal with and so feeling comfortable and avoiding health problems like blocked milk ducts are crucial. Also looking at the ranges that are available there is no need for any pregnant woman or new mum to feel like a frump in maternity underwear, there were some really lovely pieces available from HOT Milk and Womana that I will definitely be checking out.

Once I was fitted I was all ready for my debut as a bra model!! I lurked behind the fitting room curtain for a couple of minutes, peeked out and saw......MEN! For some reason when I had agreed to do this I had not once considered that there would be men there! So I lurked for about 1 more minute before emerging into my home for the next 2 hours.

How did it go? Well it went brilliantly! The Bras4mums team were lovely and all made me feel really comfortable, I handed out discount cards to prospective buyers and chatted to mums to be. The stand was so busy in the time I was there. All 3 fitting rooms were buzzing and there were always more ladies waiting to get some advice or get fitted. We had some photographers and filming people at one point, so I was in the spotlight showing off Bump and Bra and to be honest I loved it! I would do it all over again in a jiffy!
Enjoying some more papping!
The time came for my stint to end and I felt so exhilarated and confident, I think that’s the power of a good bra and being proud of your baby bump. I got dressed, said my goodbyes and then headed off to enjoy everything the baby show had to offer.... See Baby Show Part 2 post, coming soon.

As a thank you for helping TJ at Bras4mums I received a Lingerie Set – it’s gorgeous and I’m really grateful for the opportunity I had.

For more information about Bras4Mums, check out their website

For more information about Mamascarf, check out their website

Photo's included in this post were kindly supplied by Liz Weston of Weston Communications


  1. You brave brave girl.... but sounds like fun.

    We surprise ourselves don't we. I never thought I'd post my bump on my blog....

    Plus I had an album professionally made of bump shots.

    You go girl. You are positively glowing.


  2. Thank you for being a star. We really enjoyed working with you, and I'm delighted you had a fantastic time, as well as learning a lot! You're on my list for the future! :)

  3. Looking good there! I did laugh out loud at your comment about men being there, ha ha ha...

  4. WOW yummy mummy!!! you look HOT! Well done lovely xxx

  5. Wow! You go girl!! Good for you :D
    BTW have tagged you for the 'This is me' meme over here - Sorry!!

  6. Well Sharon, you're rocking that bra for sure! Great stuff :)