Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Toddler Eating Habits

My daughters eating habits are my current bugbear/ worry. I worry about the lack of variety in her diet and wonder when we will start eating the same things together as a family? I just wrote down in black and white all the things she eats to see if I really should be worried at all. Here goes:

Bread/ Toast
Fruit - likes all that she's tried so far
Tinned Spaghetti - with toast
Baked Beans - with toast
Spread Cheese
Rice Crispies
Tomato Pasta sauce
Bolognese with beef mince
Biscuits - of course!!

You can see from this list that vegetables are pretty thin on the ground, they are mainly hidden in pasta sauce. Potatoes are also absent from the list, and in my quest to get her to like potatoes I've even offered her chips, but still they get sampled and then chucked on the floor or handed back. I thought, I know I'll try a bit of tomato ketchup on the side to entice her to eat things, but then all she does is eat a spoonful of the yummy red stuff!

When I worry too much about it I only have to look at her to realise that she is not underweight and certainly not malnourished, but I'd just love a meal time to go smoothly without refusal after refusal. At the moment I put a lot of her issues with food down to the fact that at 18 months old she still only has 9 teeth and I'm so eager for the rest to appear so that at least I know she has the nashers to cope with all manner of foods.

What are your tips for getting your little darlings to eat their greens? Is it normal at her age to be so limited in the range of foods she will eat? I'd love to hear your views and tips, it might stop me from worrying and just accept the status quo as it is.


  1. Sigh. We're having toddler food issues in this house too. Although sounds to me like your little one is doing just fine! DD is on a self-imposed liquid diet at the moment - she won't eat any solids except biscuits and drinks all her meals through a straw - aggghhhh! We're going cold turkey with her 'juuuuice' soon *shivers with fear*. Looking forward to reading others comments though...

  2. It's so tiring isn't it! We 'progressed' to pizza this week!

  3. Looks like my nearly 2 year old's list of acceptable foods. Veg all hidden in pasta sauce. Anything else and he only eats the meat or fish. No potatoes or rice or veg. Drives me mad!!

  4. Another break through - she had a sausage roll! Not exactly healthy - but something new!