Sunday, 13 February 2011

Tommee Tippee Closer to Nature Hygiene Range Launch Event

Isla and I were lucky enough to be invited to a recent launch event for the new Closer to Nature Hygiene range by Tommee Tippee and I have to say it was a great success from all angles!

Firstly it was held at a brilliant venue, Maggie and Rose a members club for families in Kensington, where kids can play, cook and be creative. This was perfect as the mums could listen to the presentation about the new products, and chat to the Tommee Tippee team, and the guys at Maggie and Rose concentrated on ensuring that the kids had a good time. I was dubious at first that Isla would leave my side as she'd only just woken up as we'd arrived there, but after 5 minutes she'd disappeared only for me to see her about 15 minutes later with her face beautifully painted..

After she'd had her face painted all the kids were in the kitchen, up on stools making cookies. Isla seemed to love this especially to chomping on the chocolate chips that were meant to be in the cookies!

The end to her fun was made all the better when she was given a balloon as we left - it's the simple things in life that make her happy!

And so to the new products in the Closer to Nature Range which are designed to offer long lasting, powerful and gentle protection against bacteria and viruses. It contains a revolutionary UK made ingredient, Byotrol, which is exclusive to Tommee Tippee and the key thing about it is the barrier it creates against germs and bacteria, lasting for hours, long after other cleaning/ hygiene products have stopped working.

As a mum the sound of a product that keeps kitchen surfaces free of germs for up to 24 hours sounds brilliant, as it is so important when you have a newborn baby to keep areas where you prepare bottles and feeding equipment immaculately clean. Babies have such vulnerable immune systems that anything you can do to protect them is worth doing. All the products in this new range cater to make your daily routine easier.

In the range are Steri-fluid for cold water sterilisation of bottles, soothers and teethers. We haven't used cold water sterilisation that much in the past, only when we're on holiday or staying somewhere away from home, but what I liked about this product was that it didn't have that bleachy/ chemically smell you get with other well known brands. The fluid sterilises within 15 minutes and items can be kept in the solution for up to 24 hours and they will still be sterile.
The surface spray again has no potent smell and gives a 99.9% protection from germs and viruses for 24 hours. The ingredient Byotrol forms a microscopic barrier, actively killing germs and protecting surfaces hour after hour.
There is also a hand serum for use on the go. It's a great replacement for all the alcohol based hand gels that are on the market. It doesn't contain any alcohol or fragrance, therefore kinder on those well worn, chapped hands that us mums get! And finally wipes for cleaning feeding equipment on the go.
These new products feel like a really sensible progression of the Tommee Tippee Closer to Nature range. As we will be having another newborn in the house this summer I will definitely consider this new range for use in our house. It is attractive to me for the reasons that it doesn't contain alcohol or bleach, hence making them a gentler option.

All in all it was a very successful event and we'd like to say thank you to the team at Tommee Tippee, Red Consultancy and Maggie and Rose for making it so enjoyable. We look forward to trying out the products we took away on the day.

All these products can be purchased in store and also from and they also have a fab new parenting club you can join!


  1. Hello, was lovely to see you on Friday and I agree it was a really nice event. It was also nice to discover a product I could believe in and support.

  2. Sounds like an improvement on Milton x