Thursday, 10 March 2011

Aaaaargh - POO!

I was going to put a picture of a poo at the start of this post but when I looked at the pictures they were way too gross, and actually made me feel a lot sicker than dealing with poo in the flesh. Being a mummy means that you deal with poo on a daily basis but my most recent brush with poo was a bit too 'hands on'....

So, last week we were doing the old bedtime routine and at this time of the day Isla is a handful to say the least, a mixture of tired and hyperactive. Lots of shrieking, running about and general madness. We've done the bath and she's running naked around her bedroom doing this new thing of singing snippets of various nursery rhymes. We get 'Twinkle twinkle' mixed up with 'Three Blind Mice' and it's actually all really cute and she's laughing her head off. She's also started saying 'Poo Poo' quite a bit and generally it doesn't mean she's about to do one, it could be she's done one already, or she's doing a wee or it could be nothing at all. So the next thing we know, she's behind the chair in her room and all singing has stopped and things go quiet and she says 'poo poo' and me and the OH fly in her direction, both thinking the same thing, 'Nooooooooo!!! M U S T  N O T  L E T  T H E  P O O  H I T  T H E  C A R P E T!!!!'

I get there first (lucky me!) and there she is, knees bent with the poo emerging and I catch it in my hands...Isla is looking very confused and on the verge of being upset now because of our hullabaloo to get to the poo. In all her 19 months I've not had a poo in my hand. As it landed it was like playing a game of hot potato, I had to get rid of it quick, so OH has opened a nappy and I lob it at the nappy. It lands on the carpet! Great, so I've got to pick it up again. Meanwhile OH is giving Isla a round of applause in order to stop the tears from coming and to prevent her getting some weird poo complex and she's now very pleased with her efforts.

10 minutes later, poo has been cleaned up, nappy has been put back on and pyjamas are on and all is back to normal, except I now can't get the image of holding a poo in my hands out of my head and I'm wondering if this will happen again, particularly when we decide to start potty training............

The next night, Isla remembers the scene of 'Poo-gate' - she goes behind the chair again and points and says 'Poo' and I reassure her that there is no poo tonight....and I hope no other night for the foreseeable!


  1. Oh no, that is awful! Love that she got a round of applause for her efforts though ;-)!.

    We had that with our Little Man. I didn't know he'd done a poo till tiny little pellets rolled out the bottoms of his trouser leg!

  2. hahahahaha brilliant.

    You don't know how lucky you are though. Mine (at about the same age) decided to take her nappy off mid-nap and poo everywhere, except her nappy, including the wall and then put her hands in it and smear it all over herself and drew pictures on the wall.

    And then ate some...


  3. You are a brave woman. I don't love my flooring that much.

  4. Oh my god, Metal Mummy, I think I've got off lightly!!

  5. MM my colleague's baby did that toooooo.
    I Heart Motherhood I recently wrote about teething poo.

  6. I'll check it out Liska, teething poo is awful, one big splat in the nappy!

  7. Remember, a poo in the hand is worth two on the carpet. Good catch!

  8. Haha! "like playing a game of hot potato" that really made me howl laughing Sharon. Brilliant! x

    Visiting this post from the Carnival of Poo btw :)

  9. Brilliant! I love the round of applause, the things we do for our children!