Bump Watch...Week 22

Thursday, 3 March 2011

I think I've really 'popped' this week! Still on a high from finding out it's a Boy!


  1. Liska said...:

    oooh yes you have indeed. You'll so love your little boy. Everyone told me that boys give more cuddles than girls, and as he is my only one I have nothing to compare him to, but he started giving cuddles round Xmas and I am really enjoying them :-)

    Liska xxx

  1. SAHMlovingit said...:

    Wow! That's really grown :) Brilliant stuff...over the half way mark now - yaye!

  1. I know! It's going too fast! Although I'm rubbish at waiting for things, so good in a way! I can't wait to see what little boys are made of.... :-)

  1. Wheeee! Congratulations on 'popping out'. It'll fly by now and then your little boy'll be snuggling up for a cuddle :D x

  1. Beadzoid said...:

    Gorgeously neat bump and you look very happy!

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