Wednesday, 16 March 2011

The Gallery - Trees

For this weeks Gallery theme of 'Trees', I've picked two photo's from mine and Mr D's wedding. Obviously I love all our wedding photo's but these two have really majestic trees in the background that really do take centre stage over me and the other half:

The shape of the first tree is awesome and the colour of the second tree was an amazing deep red/ maroon. Such beautiful backdrops to a wonderful day!

If you want to take part in the Gallery or want to look at all the other Gallery entries then you can do so here at Sticky Fingers


  1. I'm feeling all romantic now - fab pics

  2. Simply gorgeous!

  3. So you could tell I wrote it on the hop then. Aaron was in my arms and it was a real speedy post - I must write in a more chatty (less prescribed way) when that's the case then.

  4. Beautiful trees, beautiful pictures and BEAUTIFUL dress. I have serious wedding dress envy!