Tuesday, 19 April 2011

MAD Academy

Isla and I have recently started a new activity on Saturday’s and we both really love it! It’s called MAD Academy (Music and Dance) and it’s a 45 minute class of physical and mental stimulation. We also go with a couple of my NCT friends and their toddlers, so it’s a great opportunity for us to catch up.

The session starts with everyone saying hello, going round in a circle, and over the weeks, the little ones become familiar with the welcome song and learn the actions (nodding head, clapping hands and waving). Next up is the warm up to music (a bit of Katrina and the Waves - 'Walking on Sunshine', first thing on a Saturday morning does wonders for the soul!) where we all stamp our feet, jump up and down and tear up and down the hall, Isla always loves this bit and laughs loads. What’s important to mention at this stage is that the leader of the class, Debbie, always makes it clear that if your child is doing something different to everyone else/ doing their own thing, then that is absolutely fine, it’s a free spirited approach and no one is made to feel bad if their child isn’t joining in.

From there we do activities that encourage the kids to learn colours and shapes and also listen to sounds and identify what they are. Isla has really got better at colours and shapes since doing these exercises. Another thing that I like about these classes is that after each activity, the children are encouraged to collect up the apparatus/ bits and pieces they have been playing with – they seem to love tidying up – shame this doesn’t translate when we get home!!

There are lots of other things that we have done in the classes, as they take a different shape most weeks but what I love most about them is that Isla is absolutely tuckered out afterwards – it is a proper work out for her and we both generally go home happy (well, that’s if she hasn’t had a tantrum about wanting a biscuit when I’m trying to get her in the car to go home!), and a lunchtime nap is generally guaranteed and being heavily pregnant now I need the rest too!

MAD Academy is in lots of different areas now, so check out their site and see if there is one near to you - click here MAD Academy

This is not a sponsored post - it's an activity that Isla and I thoroughly enjoy and I want to recommend to other parents!

Monday, 18 April 2011

Bump Watch...Week 29

Week 29...Already feeling like the back end of a bus!

Saturday, 16 April 2011

I'm Going to Cybermummy (well I hope I am!)

I'm going to CyberMummy 2011

As per the title - I sincerely hope I am going to the Cybermummy conference, the reason i'm unsure is that it depends on whether baby boy can cling on and either arrive on time (1st July) or a bit late! I have the ticket and I'm really looking forward to it.

I uhmmed and ahhed for ages over the decision to buy a ticket and then I thought, GO FOR IT, I'm quids in whatever happens - if I get to go then I'll get to meet all the fab mums I've 'met' through twitter and blogging since last November and will have the chance to attend some fantastic workshops and listen to inspirational speakers. If I don't get to go then that means that I've got my lovely baby boy and I'll be up to my eyes in nappies and will be too tired to even remember my own name! I also know that there are many mummies who missed out on a ticket for this years event so if I can't go then I already know peeps who will snap my hand off for my ticket.

So here's hoping that I do get to go. I hope that everyone is as friendly as they seem to be and that I get to make some new friends. This year is a big year for me what with extending our family but my blogging 'hobby' is something that I do just for me and I'm thoroughly enjoying the experience.

If you're going too, let me know below!

Thursday, 14 April 2011

Born Free Giveaway!

Recently I was very lucky to win a competition run by the people at Born Free. I won £100 to spend on their fabulous products. I bought things I knew would come in handy for Baby Boy when he arrives but found that I had more in the coffers than I needed, so I decided to buy a Born Free Gift Set (retailing at £24.99) with my left over spends to give away to one of my lucky readers!

For those who don't know Born Free products are all Bispenol-A free (BPA). BPA is a chemical compound used to create polycarbonate baby bottles and recent research suggests that small amounts of BPA may leach into foods and beverages causing neural  and developmental damage in children.

The gift set I have for one lucky person includes the following:

1 x 260ml bottle with level 1 teat
3 x 150ml bottles with level 1 teats 
2 x level 2 teats
1 x 220ml trainer cup

The bottles have an anti-colic vent and promise no leaks! This would make a lovely prize for someone expecting a baby this year, either yourself or a friend/ family member and the BPA free guarantee will set new parents minds at rest.

If you'd like to enter this giveaway, please do the following:

- For one entry, please leave a comment below with your contact details - twitter name/ email address
- For a 2nd entry please 'Like' my Facebook Page 'I Heart Motherhood'
- For a final entry tweet the giveaway on twitter “I’ve entered to win a @BabyBornFreeUK Gift Set on @iheartmuthahood’s blog” and tell me you have done so below

The Giveaway will close on 22nd April - Good luck everyone from I Heart Motherhood x

And the winner is @daisyangel1 - Angela - I'll be in touch!

Wellstart Parenting & Child Development PC Software - A Review

I was recently offered the chance to review a new computer based software package dedicated to recording details of pregnancy and your child's development. It also has information about conception and fertility for those at the family planning stage.

I love keeping records of Isla's development and up till now I've done this through a paper baby journal, inserting scans/ photo's and writing bits and pieces about her development as and when I remember to do it. And that's the trouble with baby books, you have to remember to write in it (that's once you've remembered where you've put it in the first place!) and so you can forget to record all those momentous milestones, like first rolling over, first tooth, first steps etc. The beauty of the Wellstart program is that it starts up on the laptop once Windows has opened, so given that I use my laptop everyday, it works as a prompt to add in a quick note about something that Isla has done that day or something about my pregnancy. There is no excuse not to do it.

The program itself is a calendar and in relation to pregnancy, it gives notes about what to expect each week. For existing children it gives guidelines of what you should expect of them for their age, along the lines of how many words they should have in their vocabulary, things that they should be physically capable of doing  for their age, like climbing the stairs etc.

When you first use the software you input all the family details, mother, father, existing children and pregnancy details. You can then add in photo's of your children and from that point onwards you can make journal type entries relating to each of your children. For each note you make you can add photo's, video footage or sound files, so written memories of babies first taste of solids can be accompanied by a video of those first few mouthfuls - which I think is brilliant - the memories all consolidated in one place! This makes it like a library of your child's development and I think it will be fantastic to actually be able to sit with Isla or the new baby when he's old enough and show them all the notes and media you've kept about them. I remember being fascinated with the cine film footage that my Grandparents took of me when I was very young and that didn't even have any sound, so I can imagine their delight at seeing all this.

My only criticism of the Wellstart software is that it could be aesthetically more pleasing, it has a basic look about it - you are able to change the colours in it and the fonts and you can add your own photo's, but I think it can look a bit clinical. So for me I'd like it to be 'funked' up a bit - this is minor criticism though!

If you are the kind of person who likes to have hard copies of this kind of thing then you can also print off your records and you can email records you've made too. Another feature I like is the link to BabyCentre which has a wealth of resources for child development and advice, I'm a regular visitor to their website, so for me this is a useful resource.

Overall I'm sold on Wellstart, and I can't wait to start using it for our baby boy's arrival in July. I will enjoy recording his milestones right from the beginning and using the software to store favourite photos and videos of him. I have already bought him a paper baby book and I think it's nice to have both anyway!

We were supplied with a copy of the Wellstart software to review free of charge in order to write this blog post.

Wednesday, 13 April 2011

I ♥ Sweetheart Knits!

Anyone short of ideas of what to get Baby Boy when he arrives then get over to Sweetheart knits and check out their cute and cool designs for little ones. I love these Pirate Booties and this Pom Pom Hat!

Tuesday, 12 April 2011

I ♥ Sass & Belle Owls

I saw these Sass & Belle owls in a little shop near me this week and I've decided I absolutely have to have one, so it's on my list of purchases I need to make! I will disguise it as a present to Isla.....I'm trying to push my love of owls on to her....

Monday, 11 April 2011

The MAD Blog Awards

MAD Blog Awards 2011

Friday morning I was having a pretty crappy time at the hospital having my Glucose Tolerence Test (Pregnancy related - will post about this at some point!) - I  was starving because I couldn't eat from 10pm last night until the testing finished at 11.30 this morning. As any pregnant woman in their 3rd trimester will tell you, breakfast is the first thing on your mind from the minute you wake up!! I do well most mornings to wait till I get into work and have it at 9am - that extra 2.5 hours killed me!

Then my morning took a turn for the better when one of my blogging mummy friends told me that she had very kindly nominated me for a MAD Blog award!!! Who is this kind citizen? The one and only Super Amazing Mum! I totally hadn't considered that this would even happen and hadn't even got around to looking at any of the categories to see if I might even fit in with any of them. I'm relatively new to blogging (started in Nov 2010) and small fry in the mummy blogging world, so feel really honoured that SAM has done this. I have to add at this point that SAM and I have a bit of shared history that we only discovered when I joined the a blogging site for mummies. We got talking and realised that she was an old friend from years back of my husband - they used to loaf around the streets as teenagers together in a group (she's slightly more respectable these days...hehehehe!), so it was nice to have some familiarity with someone in this new blogging world that I'd become a part of.

So what award category have I been nominated in? Best Pregnancy Blog! The 'blurb' says that I share with my readers, week by week the very beginning of the parenting journey and that I'm not afraid to tell it how it is when it comes to the joys and challenges of living with bump! And I think I have done just that really, most weeks I try and post Bump Watch, a photo record of bump growth for baby number 2 - see  Bump Watch Page and I've recently posted about my previous labour and birth with my baby girl.

So what do I do now? Well I'm in the position where I am now going to shamelessly ask you to make more nominations for I Heart Motherhood, I'm particularly suited I think to the category of Best Pregnancy Blog for all the reasons given above but if you click through on the link below you'll see that there are other categories that you may feel also apply. There will be many different people reading this post, other excellent bloggers who blog on the same topic, bloggers who write in other topics and family and friends who don't really have any other blogging experience other than reading mine. If you feel that you've enjoyed reading my blog then I'd love for you to show your appreciation and help me get to the next stage of the MAD's. I so enjoy writing it and sharing my thoughts, experiences, photo's and feelings with you all. I'm very new in this arena and I'd love to have your rubber stamp of approval. 

thank you!
Sharon x

Still At the hospital and Jaundice...Part 3 of my birth story

Following on from Part 1 and Part 2 of my birth story..

So Isla was taken off to be weighed and I was being expertly stitched up! I was in a daze, on reflection now I know that I didn't have that rush of love that I see going through the faces of most of the women on 'One Born Every Minute' - I think I just felt like that was my ordeal over and apart from the guy between my legs sorting out my under carriage, everyone else was surrounding the baby, including OH obviously and I was just left with my legs akimbo! I was so tired after no sleep for nearly 3 days and all I could think of was myself!

Isla (she wasn't Isla just yet - she was nearly Iris) was doing a bit of grunting apparently and there was talk of her being taken away for a bit for oxygen, anyway, this calmed down and we were eventually taken down to our own room. I'd been cleaned up (sort of) and had my tea and toast. I still had a catheter in and this was really horrible having the bag in the bed with me. I don't remember a lot of the day apart from my mum, dad, sister, her partner and my MIL coming to visit. I looked like sh1t and I felt like I'd been knocked down by a bus. I was on the same pain killers as the Caesarean ladies because I think it was felt that I'd been through just as much as them! I had my Catheter removed and so could move about a bit more freely which was nice.

Once it got to 8pm, it was time for the OH to go home and then I was scared. He was under strict instructions to get his arse back up to the hospital the minute the doors opened in the morning! I got through the night, must have slept a bit. However I couldn't go to the toilet, it was like having cystitis, knowing i needed to go, only doing a trickle, trying to force it but it wouldn't happen. This went on all day until at night it was agreed I needed the catheter again - a whole litre came out straight away!!

The morning of Day 3 and I had the catheter removed and thankfully I could wee! Now I felt like I was sorted out I could focus my attentions better on my baby but this was the day that it was raised that Isla looked jaundiced. She had been gradually developing this lovely deep St Tropez tan and so on this day steps were taken to wipe out the jaundice. This involved her being under fluorescent lights, naked with a blindfold. This wouldn't seem very kind to me and I guess to a newborn baby this is the scariest thing ever. Isla certainly made her feelings known about it and screamed the place down. I could only take her out to feed her and clean her up (she was without a nappy) she was just lying on a pad that would absorb the wee but the meconium poo was another matter! She'd do a poo and then her legs would kick it everywhere, her feet would mix it around and make it into some kind of weird black artwork! That night was hideous, she screamed solid from about 1am to 4am. I was calling OH on and off and waking him up. I was crying to the midwives (who were all too busy for this!). Everything felt so bloody awful in the middle of the night.

The morning of Day 4 and Isla was tested to see if her jaundice levels had come down and they hadn't, so a second light was introduced. I was so upset as the day before they'd seemed so sure that 24 hours of this treatment would produce the desired results but they hadn't. I also knew this would mean another night of hell. My mum came to visit me that day, and as my Dad was still pretty poorly from his Cancer she couldn't really come for long and I really missed having her support. I was feeling really low and the breastfeeding wasn't going very well and one of the things with jaundice is that it's really important to get the fluids in the baby as this helps a lot. But my boobs were letting me down, where was the milk!? It got to 8pm and I had a mini breakdown as I knew that they would be sending my OH home and I'd have another night of a distressed baby on my own. They were very sweet and said that he could stay but wouldn't be able to leave the room - well that wasn't going to work at all, so I pulled myself together and let him go home. It was decided that Isla would need to take on some formula until I could get my milk flowing. I felt really disappointed in myself about this, but knew it was for the best and I'd keep trying to feed her.

Day 5 and Isla was tested again and things were going in the right direction, jaundice levels were coming down and also my milk came in! It was still not a great day though and I was so fed up of being in the hospital. I wasn't mentally prepared for more than 2 nights in hospital with my baby (the possibility of this had never come up in my NCT classes). I wanted to be home, receiving all our baby's visitors, showing her off and also sleeping in my own bed. I was hopeful that we could go home that night but it wasn't to be. I realise now looking back that I didn't leave that ward for the whole 6 days I was there, I'd become institutionalised! I didn't even choose my own food until the last day I was there. I'd send the OH out to choose for me, it was all a bit weird. She came out from under the lights at midnight which was great as it meant she could wear a nappy, wear clothes, not be blindfolded, the lights didn't keep me awake and the room wasn't 500 degrees (it was July and the windows had to be closed while she was under the lights!).

Day 6, was all looking promising for going home. She was still tanned looking but her blood showed the levels were dropping. However it takes the hospital ages to discharge and we didn't leave until 6.30pm, and that was under the proviso that we had to come back at 9.30am the next day to have Isla tested again. They tried to persuade me to stay but at that point I was  gathering our things, I had to GET OUT!! Isla was strapped into her car seat and I was running hobbling as fast as I could out the doors to the car. I was so happy and I couldn't wait to get back to our house and begin family life. We got home and we put Isla in the moses basket, I ran around doing some chores (nutter!), I enjoyed my surroundings. She slept well that night, we set our alarm to wake us up in the night to feed her as we were so paranoid about the jaundice and ensuring that the test in the morning would be OK.

Day 7 - Returned to the hospital and got the official go ahead to go home and enjoy our baby - she was on the mend and family life started here!

I realise that this post mostly deals with my feelings and it doesn't really go into how much I loved my baby - of course I did but I think the long labour prior to her birth and then the 6 days in hospital really challenged me mentally as it all hadn't gone as well as I'd hoped it would during pregnancy. I'd had such a smooth pregnancy that it hit me like a sledgehammer when I had Isla. I don't do well in situations that are out of my control and it just wasn't the dreamy ending that I'd hoped for when thinking about welcoming our new life into the world.

Sunday, 10 April 2011

Silent Sunday

Silent Sunday
check out Mocha Beanie Mummy for more Silent Sundays

Saturday, 9 April 2011

Bump Watch...Week 28

Bump Watch...Week 28 & a New Hair Do!

Friday, 8 April 2011

Lollibop - The Big Bash for Little People

We're so excited that we've been invited as a family to go to Lollibop Festival this year. For those who don't know it's a festival aimed at children under 10, taking place in Regent's Park on the 5th - 7th August. It's a fun day out with a festival vibe without the hassle of camping or driving for miles in the car.

All the entertainment is aimed at children and there is something for all! That's not to say that adults aren't catered for: there will be guest musicians and DJ's, relaxing cocktails, tea and treatments, market stalls and a real ale festival bar!

Highlights of the festival will include: The Zingzillas, Minimission (an Ibiza style baby disco!), Charlie and Lola, dance workshops, balloon shows, demonstrations from the Science Museum, Fairy and Wizard School amongst many other things.

I'm really looking forward to taking Isla to this as I think she will thoroughly enjoy it and in the run up to the weekend I will be hosting a competition for my readers to win a Family ticket for 4 to go to Lollibop on whichever day you choose over the weekend. If you're unlucky in the competition I'll also have a discount code whereby you can buy reduced price tickets.

Keep an eye out for further updates on I Heart Motherhood for Lollibop and check out the Lollibop site for more information!

Monday, 4 April 2011

Listography - 1st 5 Albums I Ever Owned!

This weeks Listography from Kate at Kate Takes 5 is a real admission of taste - the 1st 5 Albums I ever owned. Here goes and I can already hear you sniggering!

Bucks Fizz - Greatest Hits - Released 1983 - I was 7...

Oh Dear! I remember this one vividly. I had a big clunky tape machine and I was off school ill. I laid on my bed all day listening to this as it was actually the only tape I owned at the time. I remember that I really didn't like Jay - the lady, bottom right. Think I thought she was bit up herself and I definitely liked Cheryl Baker best.....

Culture Club - Colour by Numbers - Released 1983
Colour By Numbers

I got this album for my birthday when I was 8 and I didn't just have the ordinary record - I had the picture disk and I loved it - it was one of my prized possessions and I would look at it over and over and also do lots of drawings of Boy George - I loved him, and had no inkling at all that he was gay! I obviously loved Karma Chameleon but loved "Church of the Poison Mind" - the real talent on that song was the female backing singer, Helen Terry.

Madonna - Like a Virgin - Released 1984 - I was 8

I got this on my birthday in December 1984 - I remember it so vividly because that morning before school my mum and dad had, had a row. I wasn't too disturbed by it but I think my Dad felt so bad about it being my birthday and the atmosphere that was created in the house in the morning that when he came home from work he was armed with an 'Our Price' bag with 2 shiny new tapes in it!! I was very excited. I got this and the Wham one below. I have my Dad to thank for me loving Madonna for many years after this. I really was too young at 8 years old to know what I was singing about when droning along to 'Like a Virgin' but I loved it! I loved all the lace, the beauty spot and her style.

Spandau Ballet - The Singles Collection - Released 1985 - I was 10

I don't remember who bought me this, but I still love Spandau Ballet and found the Kemp brothers fascinating and Tony Hadley's voice was so powerful. True, Gold - who can resist singing along to those powerful songs?!

Wham - Make It Big - Released 1984 - I was 8
Make It Big (CD) ~ Wham! Cover Art

My final admission is the Wham boys. Again, I had no inkling that George Michael was gay. I also harboured wished that Madonna would get it together with him. I could see no better pop match! I knew that Andrew Ridgely was the nobody in the group. I only had eyes for George. I loved the Last Christmas video with Pepsi and Shirley too, thought it was magical.

And so that brings me to the end of my Listography, I've enjoyed re-living the memories!

At the Hospital - Part 2 of My Birth Story

Following on from Part 1 of My Birth Story :

I started on the Entenox around 9pm as soon as we got to the hospital and I was so relieved that I could try something else to help with the pain, nothing could help with how tired I was from no sleep for about 48 hours but at least I knew I was in the home straight. The OH was as tired as me and kept nodding off in the chair - never for long though as I made sure of that!

The hospital felt quite quiet and the lights in the room were nice and dim. I was also lucky because I had a midwife that I'd met through attending the diabetic clinic in the preceding weeks, and the familiarity was nice. I was all belted up and connected to the monitor which unfortunately makes you even more aware of the contractions as the digital monitor shows the numbers rising as the contraction builds. Not good. I couldn't stop my eyes from looking at it and I'm sure that every time I saw them going up my eyes would grow as big as saucers. 

After a couple of hours of gas and air I couldn't take anymore pain, and was offered Pethidine. I'd said in my birth plan that I didn't want that but it seemed to be the only thing being offered at the time as I think I wasn't being convincing enough about how much pain I was in (obviously doing the British Stiff Upper Lip thing!). One thing to remember if you haven't been through this before is that nothing will happen very quickly, when you ask for drugs, count on them taking at least 45 minutes before arriving in your room, then remember they don't work instantly! I found this all the more frustrating. It was at least 45 minutes before I got the Pethidine and then it takes up to 20 minutes to work. So you end up persevering for a lot longer than you want to with gas and air.

I can safely say I HATED PETHIDINE! For me it just made me feel off my head and out of control and not a feeling that I wanted to associate with having my baby. It works by altering the perception of pain, so it won't take pain away, but in between contractions it will take you off to a far away place, but then Boom! once another contraction comes, i was very much in the room again! It is meant to reduce the amount of pain you feel by inhibiting pain signals from the brain. When my OH describes how I was on it, with my eyes looking all weird, I really don't like to hear about it, makes me think I resembled the cast of Trainspotting!

So after a couple of hours of that, again I couldn't take anymore and asked for an epidural, but this time knowing that it would take ages (even longer for this as I'd have to wait for an anaesthetist) and I was looking at the clock and manically working out how long in my head before I thought I would be pain free. I think I was about 6 centimetres by this point. Finally he arrived and I got the epidural. It was described as a mobile epidural - but that didn't mean I could get up and move around, I was still restricted to the bed - no conga-ing for me! It just meant that I would still be able to feel when to push which was actually good. I had to be very still while they put it in my back (before having a baby, I was more scared about having this than actual childbirth!). I felt lots better after having it but it didn't work properly down one side, so I had to have a top up. I think before the night was out I had a further 2 top ups.

By 8am, I was told I was 10 centimetres and that I could get on with the pushing! I pushed, and pushed and pushed. All manner of nasties came out while I pushed - I'm not going to describe this, use your imagination.... I kept pushing and pushing and I was told over and over how well I was doing and how I was nearly there. Hmmm, then where was my baby? By 10am, 2 hours later, I still didn't have a baby and I was still being told how nearly there I was, and that they could see her head and I kept pushing. I was so tired. It was decided that I needed assistance and we waited for the Dr to come and tell us the next course of action. Obviously, all the while I'm still having to push even though it's not producing the desired result.

The chosen method of delivery was Ventouse and to say this was uncomfortable would be an understatement. Imagine, you've got a really big handbag and you're looking around for something right in the bottom of it with your hands, just scrabbling around, well that's what it felt like when the Dr was attaching the ventouse to the baby's head - I remember literally trying to edge my way up the bed away from his reach. Along with ventouse delivery comes a nice episiotomy. I'm obviously still pushing but now it feels like there's a tug of war going on down below. 3 hours and 15 minutes after I first started pushing Isla was born. The midwife I saw at my recent booking appointment was shocked at this timing and has put on my notes to keep a closer eye on my progress for the second birth.

I had a quick hold of my baby girl and then she was taken off to be weighed etc and I was stitched up.....Final part here

Sunday, 3 April 2011

Silent Sunday

If you want to find out more about Silent Sunday then go to http://www.mochabeaniemummy.com/silent-sunday/

Or Click badge below

Saturday, 2 April 2011

Boots Baby - A Review

We were recently sent some bath products to try out from Boots. I was going to save them until baby boy arrived in July but we ran out of baby wash and so we decided Isla should get first go of them!

The first is Boots Baby Dreamtime Calming Body wash. The first thing to mention is the smell is lovely, and when Isla has had her bath she smells delicious. It's also non drying which is really important for young skin. We do bath time every night, as Isla loves her bath and it's an important part of her evening routine, so the non drying part of it is key as the water could make her skin suffer. I'm not sure that it exactly calms Isla as I think this would be an impossible task for our little livewire and bath time for her is about being as splashy and noisy as possible, but when we have our new baby I'll definitely be using these products to test the calming claim as new babies can get a bit angsty towards the end of the day.

The second product is Boots Baby Sensitive Moisturising Head to Toe Wash which is described as perfect for newborns, of which Isla doesn't fit that description but the way I see it is if it's delicate enough for newborns then it's got to be good for older children too. It's fragrance free and colour free and is suitable for eczema prone skin too. It's made for use on hair and body and again I'll be happy to try this on our newborn.

Both products are tearless formulations, hypo-allergenic and dermatologist and paediatrician approved.

We've loved trying out these products and I always find that Boots is such a great place to find products of good value and quality. It's worth knowing that there is a fantastic offer coming up at Boots -  3 for 2 on all baby items from 4th April until 3rd May

There is also a Boots Parenting club that I've been a member of since Isla was born and it's so useful for advice, information and offers online. Members of Boots Parenting Club can now receive 10 Advantage Card Points for every £1 spent on baby products in Boots*.  So for every £10 you spend on baby products, you’ll receive £1 back in Advantage Card points to buy whatever you like from Boots for you and your family. 

We were sent the products mentioned above for free and this post has been honestly written in response to trialling them.

Friday, 1 April 2011

Flashback Friday - Are my Festival Days Over?

Now I'm pregnant with baby number 2 I've really started to think about how life is changing, I mean obviously it changed a lot with baby number 1 but now with another on the way it's dawning on me that things are definitely taking a different direction. And don't get me wrong I love the direction my little family is going in now, I love my husband more than anything, and my daughter is the love of my life and when baby boy comes he will be the icing on my very delicious cake. What all that brings with it though is the realisation that life will never be the same again, those carefree days will be limited to about 1 or 2 a year, when we can get a pass out by letting the grandparents take the strain for the weekend!

So all of that leads me on to why I chose this photo for Flashback Friday It was taken at V Festival in 2005 where I experienced my first festival (pretty shameful if you ask me at the age of 30 - but in my defence I was a bit of a dance fan and thought festies were too grungy!). I went with my best friend and my best colleague from work and we had a riot. This photo just shows us looking all chilled and really captures to me the great time that we all had together. It was the most fabulous weekend in August I'd had in ages and we just partied and danced and laughed the whole time.

We saw plenty of bands, we danced in the dance tents, we drank our body weight in booze, we chatted and made friends, we pee'd in bushes and we just had the best girls weekend. Camping was a pretty new experience for me but even that brought it's share of laughter and a glass of red wine first thing in the morning always helps in those situations!

We didn't look pretty by the end of it (one of us looked like she had birds nesting in her hair...) but the sign of a good time at that point in my life was feeling like death and gagging for a big greasy McDonald's on the way home.

So however much I wouldn't change the life I have now, I fully appreciate the fun and frolics I used to have and hope that one day I will make a return to a festival - albeit maybe with some kids in tow and no red wine for breakfast!

Why not check out the other Flashback Friday entries over at Cafe Bebe and join in!