Saturday, 2 April 2011

Boots Baby - A Review

We were recently sent some bath products to try out from Boots. I was going to save them until baby boy arrived in July but we ran out of baby wash and so we decided Isla should get first go of them!

The first is Boots Baby Dreamtime Calming Body wash. The first thing to mention is the smell is lovely, and when Isla has had her bath she smells delicious. It's also non drying which is really important for young skin. We do bath time every night, as Isla loves her bath and it's an important part of her evening routine, so the non drying part of it is key as the water could make her skin suffer. I'm not sure that it exactly calms Isla as I think this would be an impossible task for our little livewire and bath time for her is about being as splashy and noisy as possible, but when we have our new baby I'll definitely be using these products to test the calming claim as new babies can get a bit angsty towards the end of the day.

The second product is Boots Baby Sensitive Moisturising Head to Toe Wash which is described as perfect for newborns, of which Isla doesn't fit that description but the way I see it is if it's delicate enough for newborns then it's got to be good for older children too. It's fragrance free and colour free and is suitable for eczema prone skin too. It's made for use on hair and body and again I'll be happy to try this on our newborn.

Both products are tearless formulations, hypo-allergenic and dermatologist and paediatrician approved.

We've loved trying out these products and I always find that Boots is such a great place to find products of good value and quality. It's worth knowing that there is a fantastic offer coming up at Boots -  3 for 2 on all baby items from 4th April until 3rd May

There is also a Boots Parenting club that I've been a member of since Isla was born and it's so useful for advice, information and offers online. Members of Boots Parenting Club can now receive 10 Advantage Card Points for every £1 spent on baby products in Boots*.  So for every £10 you spend on baby products, you’ll receive £1 back in Advantage Card points to buy whatever you like from Boots for you and your family. 

We were sent the products mentioned above for free and this post has been honestly written in response to trialling them.


  1. I reviewed the "sensitive" range and found them to be great on Aaron's eczema x

  2. that's brilliant Liska, sometimes we overlook the big brands for organic type ones when we're worried about baby skin, so its good boots have been good for Aaron xx