Bump Watch...Week 29

Monday, 18 April 2011
Week 29...Already feeling like the back end of a bus!


  1. overthehillmum said...:

    aww that's a lovely cute bump x

  1. Blimey Sharon - you seem to have REALLY grown!

    (and for my OCD tendancies, please face the other way as you have in every other photo ;-)

    Thank you



  1. LOL! I thought I'd see if it looked smaller from the other side... x

  1. ..:.lab.:.. said...:

    Definitely getting bigger but you certainly don't look like the back end of a bus! Lx

  1. New blog follower here. LOVE that you are pregnant, too and I can share this journey with another. :) Looking great!!

  1. Mrs E said...:

    The bump looks great! x

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