Saturday, 16 April 2011

I'm Going to Cybermummy (well I hope I am!)

I'm going to CyberMummy 2011

As per the title - I sincerely hope I am going to the Cybermummy conference, the reason i'm unsure is that it depends on whether baby boy can cling on and either arrive on time (1st July) or a bit late! I have the ticket and I'm really looking forward to it.

I uhmmed and ahhed for ages over the decision to buy a ticket and then I thought, GO FOR IT, I'm quids in whatever happens - if I get to go then I'll get to meet all the fab mums I've 'met' through twitter and blogging since last November and will have the chance to attend some fantastic workshops and listen to inspirational speakers. If I don't get to go then that means that I've got my lovely baby boy and I'll be up to my eyes in nappies and will be too tired to even remember my own name! I also know that there are many mummies who missed out on a ticket for this years event so if I can't go then I already know peeps who will snap my hand off for my ticket.

So here's hoping that I do get to go. I hope that everyone is as friendly as they seem to be and that I get to make some new friends. This year is a big year for me what with extending our family but my blogging 'hobby' is something that I do just for me and I'm thoroughly enjoying the experience.

If you're going too, let me know below!


  1. I wondered whether to get a ticket because I saw there were only 3 or 4 available and I decided that I wouldn't because I haven't been blogging that long. Then they sold out. :( And now they have sold out I really want to go!
    Oh well there is always next year! x

  2. Good for you! And if you go into labour at least there are lots of mums on hand to help ;)
    I will definitely have my newborn by cybermummy with my DD being 2 weeks before, so couldn't go.