Tuesday, 19 April 2011

MAD Academy

Isla and I have recently started a new activity on Saturday’s and we both really love it! It’s called MAD Academy (Music and Dance) and it’s a 45 minute class of physical and mental stimulation. We also go with a couple of my NCT friends and their toddlers, so it’s a great opportunity for us to catch up.

The session starts with everyone saying hello, going round in a circle, and over the weeks, the little ones become familiar with the welcome song and learn the actions (nodding head, clapping hands and waving). Next up is the warm up to music (a bit of Katrina and the Waves - 'Walking on Sunshine', first thing on a Saturday morning does wonders for the soul!) where we all stamp our feet, jump up and down and tear up and down the hall, Isla always loves this bit and laughs loads. What’s important to mention at this stage is that the leader of the class, Debbie, always makes it clear that if your child is doing something different to everyone else/ doing their own thing, then that is absolutely fine, it’s a free spirited approach and no one is made to feel bad if their child isn’t joining in.

From there we do activities that encourage the kids to learn colours and shapes and also listen to sounds and identify what they are. Isla has really got better at colours and shapes since doing these exercises. Another thing that I like about these classes is that after each activity, the children are encouraged to collect up the apparatus/ bits and pieces they have been playing with – they seem to love tidying up – shame this doesn’t translate when we get home!!

There are lots of other things that we have done in the classes, as they take a different shape most weeks but what I love most about them is that Isla is absolutely tuckered out afterwards – it is a proper work out for her and we both generally go home happy (well, that’s if she hasn’t had a tantrum about wanting a biscuit when I’m trying to get her in the car to go home!), and a lunchtime nap is generally guaranteed and being heavily pregnant now I need the rest too!

MAD Academy is in lots of different areas now, so check out their site and see if there is one near to you - click here MAD Academy

This is not a sponsored post - it's an activity that Isla and I thoroughly enjoy and I want to recommend to other parents!

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  1. My Children LOVED to dance and move. well the still do actually but now I'm listening to my old Madonna CD's on full blast as my son has discovered the CD player age 6 !
    What a lovely site !