Monday, 11 April 2011

The MAD Blog Awards

MAD Blog Awards 2011

Friday morning I was having a pretty crappy time at the hospital having my Glucose Tolerence Test (Pregnancy related - will post about this at some point!) - I  was starving because I couldn't eat from 10pm last night until the testing finished at 11.30 this morning. As any pregnant woman in their 3rd trimester will tell you, breakfast is the first thing on your mind from the minute you wake up!! I do well most mornings to wait till I get into work and have it at 9am - that extra 2.5 hours killed me!

Then my morning took a turn for the better when one of my blogging mummy friends told me that she had very kindly nominated me for a MAD Blog award!!! Who is this kind citizen? The one and only Super Amazing Mum! I totally hadn't considered that this would even happen and hadn't even got around to looking at any of the categories to see if I might even fit in with any of them. I'm relatively new to blogging (started in Nov 2010) and small fry in the mummy blogging world, so feel really honoured that SAM has done this. I have to add at this point that SAM and I have a bit of shared history that we only discovered when I joined the a blogging site for mummies. We got talking and realised that she was an old friend from years back of my husband - they used to loaf around the streets as teenagers together in a group (she's slightly more respectable these days...hehehehe!), so it was nice to have some familiarity with someone in this new blogging world that I'd become a part of.

So what award category have I been nominated in? Best Pregnancy Blog! The 'blurb' says that I share with my readers, week by week the very beginning of the parenting journey and that I'm not afraid to tell it how it is when it comes to the joys and challenges of living with bump! And I think I have done just that really, most weeks I try and post Bump Watch, a photo record of bump growth for baby number 2 - see  Bump Watch Page and I've recently posted about my previous labour and birth with my baby girl.

So what do I do now? Well I'm in the position where I am now going to shamelessly ask you to make more nominations for I Heart Motherhood, I'm particularly suited I think to the category of Best Pregnancy Blog for all the reasons given above but if you click through on the link below you'll see that there are other categories that you may feel also apply. There will be many different people reading this post, other excellent bloggers who blog on the same topic, bloggers who write in other topics and family and friends who don't really have any other blogging experience other than reading mine. If you feel that you've enjoyed reading my blog then I'd love for you to show your appreciation and help me get to the next stage of the MAD's. I so enjoy writing it and sharing my thoughts, experiences, photo's and feelings with you all. I'm very new in this arena and I'd love to have your rubber stamp of approval. 

thank you!
Sharon x