Silent Sunday

Sunday, 10 April 2011

Silent Sunday
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  1. Painting outside - looks like so much fun!

  1. Emma said...:

    Painting outside is a very good idea!! Love the look of concentration! Emma

  1. helloitsgemma said...:

    love this - what an artist (liking your jam too)

  1. Vickie said...:

    now that looks like fun

  1. Liska said...:

    Deeeeeeep in concentration. We have an outdoor shot toooo xx

  1. Mrs E said...:

    She is a cutie, painting in the sunshine- what bliss!

  1. This is a lovely picture. You have great taste in jam too xxx

  1. thanks all, we spent so much time together this week because she had hand foot and mouth and couldn't go to nursery, luckily she was just rashy and not ill in herself, so we have had lots of time in the garden. x

  1. Ahhh she's definitely serious about creating a masterpiece there!

  1. Him Up North said...:

    The look of concentration on her face is brilliant! LOL, great shot.

  1. Lovely picture, she looks very contented and very busy! :-)

  1. Jacquie said...:

    Super shot; the sunshine's made it all magical too!

  1. bubbleboo said...:

    Oh, the concentration! I love her work of art :)

  1. Steph said...:

    She's concentrating so hard.

  1. SAHMlovingit said...:

    Aw, that's just too cute Sharon! What a lovely photo x

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