Sunday, 29 May 2011

Farewell to My iCandy and Advice on Tandems please!

This is ridiculous I know but I'm sad about saying good bye to one of my trusty servants - my iCandy Cherry! It was my favourite purchase when Isla was on the way and I've loved using it and really do believe in it as a brilliant travel system. Sadly, it has to go to fund the new tandem buggy we intend to buy and tonight it was bought on Ebay by it's new owner, who hopefully will love it as much as I have................

And, so now I have to put my mind to the decision of what tandem buggy to buy! Advice and experience wanted, so please leave your comments below.....I swear by word of mouth recommendations!


  1. My second was born when my first was 18 months, and we got a Phil and Ted Vibe, which I sold after 6 months as it was really heavy and a nightmare to get in and out of the car. It was nice that the baby could lie totally flat in the early days though. We managed with just a buggy board then on my old bugaboo which was great.

    When baby 3 came along we just bought the cheapest McLaren double which has been fine. I wouldn't want to use it everyday, but its light, easy to get in the car and fine for walks or days out when we need 2 seats. I wouldn't use it with a newborn though, but I'm guessing the more expensive ones would be better from that point of view.

    I know people who have had the 'out and about' with a 2 year old and baby and found that the seats are too reclined for the older child.

    I guess it depends how much you'll need to have both in a pushchair?

    I hope that helps?

  2. That's funny. I have a Vibe and love love it. We don't have a car so it's a non issue. I needed easy to drive. We occasionally use a back up side by side and it's a nightmare to get into any shops. Agree, how much are you using it and for what?

  3. We recently bought our double for a 2 and a half year old and a newborn. I did a fair amount of research before purchase because I didnt want to make the errors that I did when buying my first single.

    In the end I didnt go for a tandem for a number of reasons, the first being that they feel as though you are pushing a bus and arent actually any easier to get around than a side by side, the front seat doesnt recline on most and my eldest still likes to sleep in the buggy so this would never have worked for us, they are big when folded and take up a lot of boot space and house space, also the raincovers rarely come down very low and as you have the eldest in the front I know my friends son ends up getting soaked from the knee down.

    We also didnt like the phil and ted style options and my friend who had one found her newborn HATED it because he was stuck underneath his sister the whole time and couldnt see anything but the back of her seat and the black interior. I also didnt like that my child would then graduate to being in kicking, cigerette dropping, grabbing things from low shelves level.

    In the end we chose the baby jogger city mini double and 5 weeks later its perfect for us! Yes it is a side by side but I can get it through my front door and shops are as easy as they ever are with any buggy in toe. My eldest son is tall and he can sit comfortably in it. Its really lightweight but without comprimising on being sturdy and I even feel safe having my newborn in it alone when my eldest is at school. The basket is large and there is more storage on the back of the seats too, the hoods are extra long to act as a sun canopy and I also find this great for blocking the lights in supermarkets etc when the children are sleeping. On a very practical front it folds REALLY easily and unfolds in seconds, it also folds really flat and leaves you lots of boot space on top as well as spact in your hall. You can push it with one hand easily and its a doddle to get on and off buses etc. If you are looking for a double its really worth considering and my only critisim of it is that at present you cant get a carrycot for it BUT they are apparently releasing one (they may have just done it) and so that will fix that problem and if you want a "travel system" option you can also buy adaptors so that a maxi cosi car seat can attach to it. There are also loads of accesories including a bumper bar and play tray option.

    When it comes to single buggys I am always on the look out for something better but when it comes to doubles Im more than happy to stick with what I have

  4. thanks for the comments so far, i'm still confused, so going to give it more thought as of Friday when maternity leave starts - so keep the suggestions and experienced comments coming, I love to know what other people are using and recommend! ;-)

  5. I love my phil and ted explorer as I can get it on a bus, and with london buses i like the fact it only takes up one space. I would like to try a side by side only for the weight issue but then wouldn't be so good on a bus, my friend has the icandy peach and loves it, it seems smaller than the phil and teds but was out of my budget lol

  6. I also went with the Phil & Teds explorer Sian - looked at the all and it seemed the best option for us, can't wait to get it home! Mums and their buggies eh!?