Monday, 23 May 2011

The MAD Blog Awards - Best Pregnancy Blog 2011 Finalist

MAD Blog Awards 2011

So I've got through to the last 5 finalists for Best Pregnancy Blog in the MAD Blog awards. I'm really happy about this as my blog is so young - I only started it in November - but it has followed me on my 2nd pregnancy journey and has given me so much pleasure. I've done things I never thought I would do - like standing in a maternity bra at The Baby Show for Bras4mums, I've taken Isla on some fun excursions and I've also made some great mummy contacts as a result!

Just being a finalist is truly exciting but naturally I would like to have a taste of what it's like to be a winner (I'm a winner already just by having a fantastic husband, daughter and wonderful friends and family) and I'm hoping that you'll continue to support me and vote for me again. If you do I'll stop banging on about it.....

Click through to vote on this link: The MAD Blog Awards

thanks all!

Sharon x


  1. Congratulations!! Will be voting for you!! :D

  2. Well done. It is well deserved - love your bump watch.

    RE: sponsor it all came about since blogcamp.

    How are you? Hope bump is very well? Can't wait to see how you take to having a boy. They love giving their Mum cuddles xxx

  3. I'm very good, went to a nice J&J event today with Isla and my mum (couldn't have managed without mum, now my bump is so big! Opened my eyes to how useless tube stations are for buggies!)
    I'm looking forward to experiencing being a mummy to a boy - I'm sure it's going to be very different!

    and I'm really pleased for you re sponsor! xxx

  4. Congratulations - its fantastic that you have been recognised for having a fabulous blog!

    A young blog, but awesome all the same!

    You'll get my vote - good luck for the final!