Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Pregnancy Pampering

Last week I did a couple of lovely things just for me! I was feeling really really pregnant - I feel like I've got a beach ball full of wet sand permanently attached to my front! So firstly after I'd finished at Blog Camp on Thursday I took a stroll up to John Lewis and had myself a fantastic manicure at Nails Inc.

I don't know about you but since I've had children my hands have gone to the dogs, they're rough as sand paper, my nails are all jagged and all different lengths, it's embarrassing. Anyhow after 30 minutes of pampering my nails looked fantastic, and BRIGHT PINK! I felt really girly although I have to say I did feel a bit guilty spending money on myself. But then I think the guilt disappeared and.....

Next up was a bit of eye brow threading. I've been a fan of this for a couple of years now and I really enjoy having it done. I know that there are cheaper places to go but I always go to Blink as after the threading they give a lovely little massage around the forehead and temples and I find it so relaxing. I love how my eyebrows look afterwards (they were like bushes before - but my new fringe helps to cover them a bit!) and I don't really notice the slight pain throughout.

My pampering didn't end that day as I decided on Friday I'd take some time out over lunchtime during work to go and have a pregnancy massage at Spa NK on Westbourne Grove. And oh my gosh, it was bloody fantastic! I opted for an hour long massage that was £75 (I know, spending more money on myself! - but that all stops when Baby Boy arrives!) and it was worth every penny.

On arrival at Spa NK I was taken to the changing room and given the key to my locker where I found a robe and slippers. I got changed and then went to the relaxing waiting area and waited for my therapist to take me to the treatment room. Once there I hopped (read as galumphed) up on to the massage table with a convenient hole for my bump to fit into. I was asked to breath in some oils and then the therapist got to work on my back. It was fantastic, I hadn't felt so relaxed in weeks. The oils used were gorgeous smelling and the soundtrack to the massage was sleep inducing. Half way through I turned over and she set to work on my feet, legs, arms, neck and shoulders. What I wasn't expecting though was my bump getting a bit of treatment too - very gentle stroking massage. I had my fingers crossed that Baby Boy wouldn't start making his usual jabs and kicks and he was very well behaved, the massage must have worked wonders on him too and he was asleep. I enjoyed it so much and really didn't want it to finish, but all good things must end and I still had to get back to work.

So that was my week where I did a few things just to focus on Moi! It's not something I do very often but I figured in the coming months things will again to cease to be about me and they'll be all about this little person that I'm carrying around and I think he'll do a lot better if he comes into the world with a relaxed mummy at his beck and call.


  1. That all sounds fantastic!! I might have to try the threading as waxing makes my skin very red and sore. x

  2. Ive tagged you for an award on my blog