Thursday, 26 May 2011

Pregnancy Yoga

I Love Wednesday's, I spend the day with my darling daughter and then at 6.30pm I hand over the reigns to my OH and get my yoga gear on! Since I was 22 weeks pregnant I've been doing a weekly Pregnancy Yoga class and I absolutely love it! I skip (like a Hippo) out the door, jump in the car and really can't wait to take off the weeks troubles, stresses and forget my pregnancy related aches and pains!

The session is 75 minutes and it is PURE me time, and also special time for me to think about my baby boy and channel my energies into him for a change. The thing with 2nd pregnancies is that the baby growing inside you doesn't get nearly as much thought as the first one did. There is no poring over Pregnancy books, no mooning over baby products you want to buy as you have most of it already and no lazing around watching the Discovery Health Channel all weekend for birth programmes (I did a lot of that last time!). My attentions are usually spent on the Toddler, work, looking after the house and my new love of blogging.

There are about 7-8 of us in our class and we're all due within a 3 month period of each other. We start off by talking about our week/ sharing how we're feeling physically (most say knackered!) and mentally. Our teacher is brilliant, so down to earth and her use of affirmations is really empowering. We practice along to music and it's real mixture of uplifting and relaxing sounds. We start by warming up, and 'shaking' off our day, we're always encouraged to take our eye gaze up, this is a really positive thing to do. All the movements are gentle and Jayne says we should always work to 80% of our usual effort, which is good to keep in mind to stop from causing any injury.

I won't try and describe any of the sequences we do as I know I won't be able to do them justice but some of the moves we do feel like we're 'taking off our day' and letting go of everything. We also do perineum squeezes to help with our pelvic floors - I'm useless at remembering to do these so at least I know I'm doing them once a week! I'm sure I'm setting myself up for trouble in years to come - I'll be looking for Tena Lady to sponsor me for Cybermummy 2012! 

After the various moves we do, we practice focussing on breath work, we do this seated on a chair and last week it was so relaxing that I nearly fell sideways off the chair - luckily all the other ladies had their eyes closed and only Jayne saw! The breathing work we do is designed to help us cope with the contractions and also to maximise oxygen intake for me and Baby boy. The out breath should be longer than the in breath and we often use the word Relax, separated into 2 syllables with 're' being shorter than 'laaaax'.

Right at the end comes my favourite bit - deep relaxation, where we lay down, get comfy and warm and focus on relaxing each and every bit of our bodies. Jayne uses visualisation and I love it when she mentions our babies all curled up inside us, safe and protected and smiling! I'm usually nearly asleep by the end of that and wishing I didn't have to get up and drive home but I don't really fancy spending the night in the Quaker Hall really... So I rouse myself and do some final exercises, one of which is where we're encouraged to think of a word and send that out as a vibration into our week ahead, quite often I think of being calmer and other times I think of energy (seriously lacking that now!).

I love the classes for how they make me feel on the night and for the following days and I really hope that I can remember the techniques I've learnt when it comes to B-day, and not go into panic mode! Hopefully being prepared and using the breathing and visualisation I've learnt will give me confidence in my body and what it can do on its own. If you've read my first birth story you'll know that it wasn't a smooth ride and I'm hoping my yoga will be part of the toolbox that will allow me to cope better second time round.

My pregnancy yoga class is taught by Jayne Micallef, details of her classes can be found here:
Jayne Micallef Yoga

This is not a sponsored post - I've written this as it is something that I think has been truly beneficial to me during my pregnancy, I have not been offered anything in exchange for my views.


  1. Can't wait to hear about your sponsor sweetheart.
    Thanks for commenting

  2. Oh dear I am qualified to teach Pregnancy Yoga and haven't taught it yet and I qualified in 2009 - doh! x

  3. I'm so glad you're enjoying your practice Sharon its wonderful having your joyful engergy in the group. All you need to do on your big day is trust your inner wisdom and allow your body to take over. And remember 'I CAN DO THIS'....Gratitude & Blessings x