Bump Watch...Week 39

Wednesday, 29 June 2011
I'm nearly there, come on baby boy, no tardiness please!


  1. Oh my god amazing! You are looking beautiful lovely! Xxxx

  1. Ah thanks! I'm feeling that I look a bit like it's stuck on! Really looking forward to meeting him now. x

  1. Wow not long to go at all- shame I didn't get to meet you at Cybermummy but I did see you wandering about!


  1. shame I didn't meet you! I paid for my efforts on sunday - was knackered!

  1. Dia said...:

    You look fabulous! At 39 weeks I was round EVERYWHERE! Hope he comes soon :)

  1. You look A-MAZ-ING. I looked like the back of a bus at 39 weeks. Best of luck!

  1. i was round when I had my daughter, fat face, swollen ankles, etc, this time around has been different!

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