Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Cybermummy Meet & Greet

As you know I'm attending this years Cybermummy Conference with help from my fantastic sponsor Mamas and Papas. Carly at Mummy's Shoes is hosting a meet and greet, so to help you spot me here's a few pointers, but let me remind you, you won't find it hard to pick me out in the crowd as I'll be 39 weeks preggers....Eeek (Baby Boy, please don't make an appearance until after the 25th...)! Check out my bump page to see how enormous I am!

Name: Sharon Donnelly

BlogI Heart Motherhood

Twitter ID@iheartmuthahood

Height: Tall Bird at 5ft 11.5 inches (I always say this as I'm afraid that if I measure myself properly I will actually be 6ft and I'm not comfortable with that!)

Hair: Just past shoulder length dark brown hair, currently with fringe

Eyes: One is green and one is hazel, you have to look very hard to notice - was more noticeable when I was little when my Dad kindly used to call me 'Oddy' - thanks Dad.

Likes: South of France, Owls, Pimms

Dislikes: Banging doors, small wheely suitcases, olives (no matter how hard I try to like them!)

1 comment:

  1. Thanks for joining in the meet and greet :-) CAn't believe Cybermummy has come around so quickly. OH we have the South of France in common!

    See you on Saturday x