Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Johnson's Baby Wipe Out Waste

Johnson & Johnson recently invited me to an event to launch their new Wipe Out Waste initiative. It involved a trip to the lovely Maggie & Rose Family members club, so I took Isla, as well as my mum to help get around London as I'm on the MASSIVE side now at 8 months pregnant!

As parents we'd all like to do our bit for the environment and some manage to do more than others. Bringing babies into the world brings with it more waste products to get rid of from nappies to extra food packaging etc. One of the things us mums use plenty of is wipes, we go through them by the truckload, for wiping dirty bottoms, to cleaning faces and hands after eating and I discovered they're not bad for removing make up occasionally! So to find out that these packets are actually recyclable was quite a surprise, but the catch is that no one up till now actually had the capability to recycle them, therefore no point in putting them in your council collection box! But, see I said up till now. J&J are now working in partnership with Terracycle to 'upcycle' the wipes packets. Upcycling is different to recycling in that they will turn the packets into new products, like bibs and mouse mats for example:

Just 6 packets of Johnson's Baby Wipes can make one of these baby bibs!
And not only do Terracycle make waste into new products they will also donate 2p to the charity of your choice for every pack you send them.
It's so easy to get involved:

- Go to www.wipeoutwaste.co.uk and register with Terracycle
- Enter the charity you would like Terracycle to credit
- You will get sent a pre-paid postage label to use to send off your empty packs of baby wipes

The initiative starts this month and I would urge us all to do it - it takes very little effort and we could also benefit local charities or even our children's nursery with the donations that Terracycle will make on our behalf. You could start it as an individual or you could spread the word to your child's school, nursery or playgroup and get a collection box started, then we can all do a little bit extra for the environment!


  1. What a great idea, I have a cool bag from ellas house food packets, i love the bibs!

    The Scrummy `Mummy

  2. yes, the bib looked really cool! We got given a mousemat at the event, I was hankering after a bib tho....! I saw the ella's kitchen products and thought they looked good too! x

  3. What a great idea! Is it any packets of wipes? or just J and J?

  4. they said that they would accept any wipes that have the recycling logo on them ;-)

  5. I love this idea - even more so that they don't just limit it to their own brand which could easily be the case. I hope this works out and become an established part of their process. Would be interested to see what the bib feels like so will keep an eye out for those up-cycled beauties!