Monday, 6 June 2011

My CyberMummy Sponsors - Mamas and Papas!

I'm going to CyberMummy courtesy of......

I have my ticket all ready for CyberMummy this year and I'm now proud to announce that my sponsors for the conference are Mamas & Papas! I'm such big fans of their products - maternity and baby related and I feel like we're a great match! The story behind our pairing goes like this....

Back in March this year I was starting to get a bigger bump and I was finding it so hard to find maternity clothes that I felt looked good and also were going to grow with me. I paid a few visits to some stores I'd relied upon during my first pregnancy and felt so dissatisfied with what I came across. Then I went to Mamas and Papas, a place I didn't even consider first time around for maternity clothes, and when I went in the store they were doing a fantastic offer on their denim jeans and I desperately needed them. The following week I found myself in there again and got another bargain - combat trousers in the sale - I have lived in these I have to say.

I tweeted about my maternity clothing dissatisfaction and Mamas and Papas tweeted back. I liked the direct contact that they were prepared to have with their customers (I'd tweeted M&S about my disappointment that they'd moved their maternity wear to online sale only and had received no response). It was then that I decided to contact M&P directly to see if they'd be interested in doing anything with a blogger. I explained how I'd found maternity clothing mostly a let down and that I'd discovered their range to be a cut above the rest. To my surprise they said they'd love to work with me and straight out asked what size and styles I liked. The following week I was astounded by their generosity, I received a box with some gorgeous tops (amongst them an excellent breastfeeding top, that I hope to put to good use), a fantastic maxi dress, a lovely pair of cut off jeans and some leggings.

Me in my maxi dress on my last day at work before maternity leave!
Since receiving these items I've put them to good use (read that as lived in them!), posted about them on the blog and have had some lovely compliments, at times I've felt I'm better dressed pregnant than when I'm not. So last week I plucked up the courage to ask the lovely people at Mamas if they would consider sponsoring me for CyberMummy and to my delight they said yes! I was on cloud nine about it to be honest as I've loved the brand since before Isla was born, her bedroom is decked out in the Gingerbread range and I regularly bought clothes for her online.

I'm really excited about going to Cybermummy and hoping that baby number 2 can just hold on for a bit and make an appearance after the 25th June! Thanks Mamas and Papas for making me feel well dressed for this pregnancy and also for helping me take 'I Heart Motherhood' to Cybermummy 2011.