Monday, 27 June 2011

NIVEA 'A Million Moments of Closeness' Campaign

NIVEA is 100 years old this year and they've chosen to mark their birthday by celebrating closeness in 21st Century Britain. Closeness can be so heavily associated with Touch, one of the most under-rated of our 5 senses. It's so important to feel touch, be it a hug from a loved one, or a pet brushing up against you for attention or simply the touch of soft sheets as we get into bed at night. It's a sensation that can make us feel good, make us tingle! It's something that is essential for human life to prosper.

Since having a family of my own I've felt closer than ever to my partner and our parents and siblings. I love spending time with them all and the bond I have with my daughter is so strong and especially now I'm pregnant with our second child I want to hug and kiss her all the time. I'm close to my own sister and I want the same kind of relationship to develop between my daughter and our new arrival. She is in a great phase at the moment where she loves to kiss and cuddle up with us and also wants to hold hands with her little friends when they're together. This is the kind of closeness that I think we should all encourage especially in this day and age, as I feel that we're not always connecting face to face any more, we're more likely to text or email and as a society we could fragment.

The findings of Professor Beattie's report show just how important touch is – which is why
NIVEA commisioned Professor Geoff Beattie (you may know of him as the Psychologist from Big Brother) to reesearch 'Closeness' in 21st Century Britain and interestingly he found that our increased use of the internet to make and maintain friendships actually draws us together as a society and he says doesn't have a negative impact. Obviously though face to face contact is the best way to Feel Closer to someone and failing that 84% of people said that the telephone was the next best method of staying intimate with our nearest and dearest. If these findings have stirred yoru interest then you can read further at the NIVEA UK Facebook page.

NIVEA are encouraging closeness with our million moments of closeness campaign. Help NIVEA celebrate 21st century closeness by uploading photos of you sharing a cosy moment with a friend, colleague, sibling, partner, parent or child at, or look out for their road shows, throughout the UK, where you can jump into a photo booth and have your picture instantly uploaded. Whether you share your photos on Facebook or at the roadshow, you’re in with a chance to win - every day, a picture of the day will be selected by psychologist Professor Geoff Beattie, who’s studied closeness for NIVEA. The winner will receive one of 100 prizes worth £100.

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