Monday, 20 June 2011

Practical Parenting - I Was July's Bump Blogger!

This month I was pleased to be able to be featured as a bump blogger in 'Practical Parenting' Magazine. It was fun and easy to do and I was really pleased with the final article. The thing that never occured to me that would happen was recognition from being in the magazine. Not me either, my husband! He was at work and a customer said to him, you'll think this a weird question but have you been in a magazine? I found this so funny as on the day we took a picture of ourselves as a family we had to do it so quickly and I hadn't warned him what it was for and so he had a nice 5 day stubble growing and was mortified that I'd sent that picture!

If you have a copy of Practical Parenting then take a look, it's a good read!

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