Monday, 25 July 2011

Authentic Review of The Birthing Shirt!

When I was given the chance to try out the Bamboo Jersey Birthing Shirt made by The Birthing Shirt Company I was really pleased as I'd not found something to wear in hospital that would make me feel comfortable before, during and after the birth. I wanted something that would give me good coverage but that would also be good for when our little man arrived and I could give him immediate skin to skin and let him feed.

When I had Isla I was wearing my OH's Ramones t-shirt! Sounds quite funky, but in reality it was a stupid thing to wear as I had the IV in my hand, so I couldn't get it off and to have skin contact with her I had to pull the whole thing up. It didn't do much for my modesty either!

So as soon as it arrived I packed it in my hospital bag and when the day arrived for my induction, and I'd got comfortable in my room I got changed into the Birthing Shirt. When my OH first clapped eyes on it he questioned why was it in such a dark colour, shouldn't it look a bit prettier than it did? Er, no, I don't think a pretty pink shirt will look nice once it's got all kinds of labour and birth nasties all over it, the colour is perfect to disguise all of that!

I can only say positive things about it!

Firstly, it really does allow you to move during the whole labour process. It isn't restrictive at all, allows you to get into whatever positions you find comfortable to give birth. It's roomy and comfortable and has two slits up each side which makes it easy to move your legs around and pull it up and down as necessary when having examinations and also when the baby is about to arrive.

The front buttons right down to your midriff meaning you can have skin to skin immediately your baby is born without any struggle. This is also perfect when you're wearing it to breast feed baby. I'm making good use of it now I'm home, as it is the most suitable thing I have to wear in bed as I can give Noah a feed in a jiffy .

The fabric keeps you cool, which is great for during labour as it's a hot and sweaty process!! It is made from Bamboo grass, and is much softer than cotton (like cashmere). Bamboo grass also needs less pesticides to grow so it is far more eco friendly too.

All in all, I really am so pleased that I was given the chance to try the birthing shirt. I know some people may ask is it really necessary but once you've got one and you use it during labour you'll see what a great design it is and how fit for purpose it is. It is also brilliant for breast feeding.

The Birthing Shirt is available directly from The Birthing Shirt Company  website , retailing at £35.99 and there is free delivery until 31st August and also from the NCT online shop

I was given a birthing shirt in order to write this review.

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  1. Oh that looks lovely - I remember wearing hubbys t-shirt in hospital too and hoisting it up exposing unsightly tummy area, not a good look!