Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Bump Watch...Week 40 & Waiting

As I'm hoping this is going to be my last week of Bump Watch I'm being brave. I wouldn't normally post a picture of me so scantily dressed but it was a hot day, I was getting splashed by the toddler in the paddling pool and I look at this picture and see it for what it is, me with my 2 children! I'm not massively confident about my body but I love how it has housed Baby Boy for 9 months and I'm proud to show it. So here I am (my one regret: I wish I'd fake tanned!):

The due date has come and gone and we're waiting for baby boy to make an appearance. It's strange waiting because I didn't have to last time, things started happening 3 days before my due date with Isla so this is all new to me. Because I had a few plans in the run up to BB's due date I fully expected him to put in an early appearance thus scuppering my attendance at CyberMummy, but I needn't have worried it seems and he's still hibernating inside my tummy. Making his presence felt with big shunts and wriggles.

So what have I been doing? Well, it's been nice to spend some 'extra' time with Isla. These were days that I hadn't expected to spend with her as a family of 3 and it's been great and the nice weather has helped as we haven't been cooped up. She's also carried on with her normal routine of nursery and also spending time with her grandparents, so I've had some time to rest and also potter around the house, preparing things (that were already prepared!) and thinking about the future. I'm enjoying the day times but the night times are a bit long. Most nights I'm up for the loo at least 3 times, my hips ache on both sides from sleeping on my side with this heavy weight and I generally don't sleep past about 5.30am (Isla usually doesn't rise till at least 6.30).

What happens next? I'm booked in for a 'sweep' on Saturday morning, something I'm not particularly looking forward to, given all the intervention I ended up having last time. I was told I could phone midweek to see if there was a cancellation and I could have the sweep early - mmmm, let me think....NO THANKS. Although part of me thinks maybe I should? 

It feels a bit like life is on hold but at the same time like it's situation normal. Here's hoping that he decides to come soon, we want to meet you!


  1. You look fab! I hope baby boy makes an appearance soon! xx

  2. Gorgeous!!!!! Just a pure picture of womanly beauty!
    Hope it all happens naturally and baby boy arrives when he is ready.

  3. You look absolutely fab. Here's to a speedy, natural delivery. x

  4. Fab photo and at least he looks like he is heading in the right direction (down)!

    Keep enjoying the calm before the storm and enjoy the cuddles when he is finally here.

  5. You are absolutely gorgeous my dear! So looking forward to seeing what comes out of that amazing bump! ;)

    Still sending you labour vibes...intervention sucks! ;)

    Stay strong!

  6. what a great photo - brave yes but u can sooo get away with it! I must say for 40 weeks your little one doesn't look like he's coming out any time soon - a very pert pump you have (if u can say that!).

  7. thanks everyone for your lovely comments! x

  8. You look positively blooming! I'm willing him out for you! xxx

  9. Wow! You look absolutely fab and as someone who's been following your bump watch through the weeks it's great to see you at the end looking so wonderful.

    I'm not about on twitter at the moment but I keep dipping in every now and again to see if there is any news.

    Hugs x

  10. thanks Wendy and Heather! will keep you posted x