Sunday, 10 July 2011

I ♥ Bottle Green Cordials!

When you're pregnant it can get a bit tiresome drinking the same old soft drinks every day! Alternating Orange squash and Apple and Blackcurrant gets a bit boring after a while, so when I was sent a Bottle Green and Blossom Cottage Cordial to try, I think my taste buds thought they'd gone on holiday!  

I tried the Bottle Green Strawberry and Elderflower and Blossom Cottage Pear and Elderflower. Both were delicious - think I favoured the Strawberry one more because it just feels so summery. I liked it with loads of ice and still water but the suggestion is that you could drink it with sparkling water to make it more buzzy or even if drinking it in winter it could be used as warming hot drink. Other suggestions that will become more interesting to me once Baby Boy is born is to mix with a with rum, making a yummy summer cocktail!

They are both free from artificial flavours, colours or sweeteners and are made from natural ingredients mixed with spring water.

Both drinks are available from all big supermarkets. Also if you 'Like' the Bottlegreen Drinks Facebook page, they will donate 25p to the Fashion Targets Breast Cancer Campaign.

I was sent both drinks to try and review and my opinions are my own.


  1. Ohh I love the bottle green elderflower cordial- it's been my special treat since preggers but never tried it with sparkling water- fab idea! And like the cocktail suggestions for after very much ;)

  2. i know! I can't wait to try the cocktail idea as well! A cocktail might make me feel more summery with all this rain!