Wednesday, 31 August 2011

A Lot's Happened in 7 Weeks!

I can’t believe it’s been 7 weeks already that Noah has been in the world! It’s gone so quickly. He arrived 12 days late and after a failed sweep I had my waters broken and then he made a storming entrance in about 5 and a half hours! Nice and quick for mummy and he was a whopper at 9lb 14oz.
So what has happened in that time?
4 days after his arrival was his big sister Isla’s birthday and boy does she like birthdays! She’s not stopped singing ‘Happy Birthday’ ever since! I have to admit to spoiling her. Partly it was to do with the guilt at turning her world upside down and partly it was that I kept buying things in the run up to her birthday, putting them away and then when it came to the day I was actually astounded by how many things we’d bought that I’d forgotten about. Whoops! She had a fab day though and it was also a good opportunity for us to show off Noah.
One thing that has been good about having a toddler as well is that you really cannot hibernate indoors second time around, Noah has been out and about to a few birthday parties, Isla’s sports day, a trip to London for Lollibop, a saunter round a National Trust garden (well a big snooze actually!) and has even sampled the delights of Croydon (thankfully also stayed asleep for that too!). We get 2 days a week to spend quality time together when Isla goes to nursery and so far she has been really good at drop off and we haven’t had any resistance to going there.
However there has been increased ‘terrible two’ behaviour that I feel sure has been brought on by Noah’s arrival. Me and the OH are trying to be patient with her but it is very hard when some of the tantrums are over silly things (one over baked beans!) and her behaviour is completely irrational. Worst example was when she refused to get in the buggy home from the park. My other half literally could not get her in the buggy for love nor money, she was screaming/ throwing herself around etc, so he had to walk home and the walk which would take 20 minutes for us adults with long legs took them nearly 2 hours at little leg pace! Glad I wasn’t involved in that one, but I’ve had my fair share too.
She has also now gone into her big bed in preparation for Noah moving from the Moses basket to the cot. Getting her to stay in bed some evenings is a bit of a challenge but I love to see her in bed asleep.....
Noah’s arrival has also coincided with Isla’s increased interest in the potty which is a good and slightly tricky thing all at once. It is certainly fab that she’s trying to become more independent but it’s also giving us even more to deal with. The potty has become really appealing when it comes to bedtime, a nice stalling tactic we think but obviously we can’t get cross about it!
I had my 6 week check and have a clean bill of health, so there is no reason why I can’t start to get fitter and lose some baby weight. I’m not breast feeding anymore so I really cannot justify eating lots of cakes and biscuits any longer!
Unfortunately in Noah’s short spell on Earth he has now already experienced an overnight stay in the children’s hospital. While he lies in his moses basket snoring I sit here in the darkness typing. He has a rash on his tummy and although the blood tests have come back showing nothing conclusive he is in for observation. While here we’ve also addressed the reflux problem that he seems to have, so fingers crossed there will be less puking! *
The next thing we have to look forward to is a family holiday to Coombe Mill in Cornwall in 2 weeks time - we're so looking forward to it, more to come on that! So that's it really, and although we're sleep deprived and fit to drop every evening, we're a very happy family!

*Noah was fine after 1 night in the hospital, unexplained rash was put down to a virus. The staff at Queen Mary's (St Helier) really are fab, I cannot speak highly enough of the staff in that hospital.

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  1. I totally get everything you said from start to finish in this post! Boo was born 7 days before Popsy's 2nd birthday - I too bought loads for her and forgot until it came to wrapping them up. We've also not stopped either and potty trained as well! 11 months later we have come out smiling! Enjoy these moments because once Noah starts crawling.... ;) xxx