Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Aaargh I'm losing my hair!

It's happening again! I'm losing my hair, handfuls of the stuff and it's already starting to wind up my other half.
Him: "Your hair's everywhere!"
Me: "Er, yes, so sorry about that....DON'T YOU THINK I'D PREFER IT IF IT WAS ON MY HEAD!!??"

Obviously I realise that this is a temporary situation and that this hair is all excess that my body has hung on to for 9 months while I was pregnant, but there is this slightly panicky side of me that wonders if my head will ever stop shedding? Will I have to fashion a comb over for the rest of my life?

To be honest it's more the pain in the arse that it causes as I have to clear the plughole more regularly - yuck! And hoover more often - yawn. So.....

Dear Hair,
Please hurry up and decide whether you're staying or going.

*In case you're worried this picture isn't real*


  1. I was just thinking that you didn't look like that today when I met you!!!! For what it's worth, I did notice you had beautifully shiny hair though :)

    It was lovely to meet you, your lovely Mum and your beautifully behaved baby :)

  2. Ah thank you Simone, was lovely to meet you too!

  3. I love your pic- looking good! ;) My lo is now 9 months old and I still haven't managed to stop my hair shedding. Please let it end soon, my hubby hates finding it in the plug hole! x

  4. I feel exactly the same, Boo's 1 and it's still coming out in clumps! It's been like this since he as 18 months old! Love the photo - I worry that I'm going to end up like that too! xx

  5. If I'm honest, I tend to leave the OH to clear the plughole...I pretend that I didn't realise there was any there....

  6. I was worried for a minute - thought either you had very lovely hair at The MADs or it was a incredibly realistic wig. My hair still sheds now - which makes it even harder to deal with a grumpy 15 month old trying to pull out handfuls of it in chunks!

  7. I am going through exactly the same. Can't wait for it to stop. It is EVERYWHERE. All over my bedroom floor, the baby pull out tons of it, in my hairbrush, in the bath yuk!

  8. This happened with all 3 of my kids. We’re at 3 months postpartum right now, and my hair is everywhere! The shower is the worst–hair clogging up the catcher in huge volumes. I don’t think it has anything to do with thyroid or vitamins

  9. the hair loss stopped in January! Phew! I was getting worried!

  10. This is a natural side effect of pregnancy for most moms. It is actually due to iron and zinc deficiency that are both experienced during pregnancy. Most of the vitamins that you took went to your baby, leaving you some to none at all. Besides, you must have already grown your hair back by now, haven’t you?

    Paola Basilio