Monday, 3 October 2011

Maclaren Beginnings - Review

A while back I went to The Baby Show in London and came across the Maclaren Beginning bath and body products. I was given a wonderful hand massage using the oil from the range and I ended up buying a Beginning travel kit for mums to be. I loved all the products and towards the end of my pregnancy the massage oil was thrust in my Other Half's hand of an evening to give me a foot massage!

So a few weeks back Babythings4U offered me the chance to try the baby range on Noah and I didn't need to consider it really as I knew that I loved the products for myself. We were sent the Calming Bath Milk with pure organic Lavender, Gernanium and Mandarin essential oils and the Absorbing Dusting Powder with pure organic Lavender, Tea Tree and Cornstarch.

Beginning is a holistic personal care range containing natural and organic ingredients as well as 100% pure essential oils and is certified by the UK Soil Association. The range was created by Maclaren, which came as a real surprise as I didn't know they did anything other than excellent buggies!

First of all I used the Calming Bath Milk, a capful is all that's needed and the smell is gorgeous, filling the bathroom with the scent of Lavender. Noah is loving his baths now he's getting older and although bath time is supposed to be the wind down zone, it really isn't in our house, he kicks his legs like a little frog. I don't visibly see him calm down in the bath but he does when he comes out and is getting dressed for bed. He smells absolutely divine and the oils keep his skin soft.
We used the Dusting Powder once he came out of the bath. It is talc free and is said to be good for soothing chaffing and irritated skin. I only use it around his bottom, as a way of making sure he's all nice and dry. I don't use it every night as I'm not big on covering his skin in creams and stuff but once or twice a week is fine.

I really do like these products whether they are for me or for the kids, and I'd definitely recommend them. They are nice and gentle for young skin which is essential for when they are so young, like Noah. If you think you'd like to try them then you can buy them from BabyThings4U

I was sent these products to try by BabyThings4U. The post has been written honestly and the opinion expressed is my own.


  1. Products sound scrummy, sure they will be popular, like you I thought Maclaren was just prams!

  2. yes, you'd never equate the two! wish we'd been around to see the wallabies!! x