Wednesday, 12 October 2011

The MAD Blog Awards

On Friday 30th September I found out my fate in the MAD Blog awards for Best Pregnancy blog. I wasn't hopeful as I was up against some bloody brilliant bloggers: Circus Queen, A Place of My Own, Is There a Plan B & Simply Hayley and in case you didn't already know I didn't win, that honour went to Is There a Plan B - well deserved! However I did have a really good evening out (my first since Noah's arrival) and I did feel good about myself in my gorgeous outfit from Debenhams.

What did I get up to? I met up with some bloggers I already knew and some that I'd never met before, who all are lovely. I guzzled wine with Northern Mum. I made a terrible sorry, BRILLIANT music video with Northern Mum and Mothers Always Right which has subsequently won us tickets to the X Factor Final and I didn't turn into a pumpkin at the end of the night.

Here are a few pics.....

Jane (Northern Mum) & Molly (Mother's Always Right) - enjoyed a tipple or three.....

Kate - She Rocks! (WitWitWoo)

Liska (New Mum Online), Super Amazing Mum, Louise (Bloggomy), Michelle (Mummy from the Heart) - All lovely ladies!

Thanks to Sally for organising such a fantastic event!


  1. oh dear, I have yet to see a sober photo of me!

    now when are we going to form our band....

  2. wotchootalkingabout?! you look lovely in that pic!

  3. Was a great night - lovely picture of you x

  4. It was so lovely seeing you again Sharon and your outfit was utterly gorgeous. Hugs x

  5. thanks Heather - hope you're feeling well and bump isn't too tiring.
    thanks Lou!