Sunday, 30 October 2011

Noah at 3 Months

So what's he up to then? Well nothing amazing to anyone other than me! He's doing lots of screechy, shrieky noises like he's trying to talk which I love and we have shrieky conversations with each other.

He weighs 18lb's!! Nearly doubled his birth weight! I'm sure this isn't that amazing again to anyone other than me, but I still marvel at the fact that he is hungry hungry! The differences between girls and boys are really apparent to me. With Isla she toyed with her milk, regularly left ounces of the stuff untouched, she was quite content but I was a typical new mum, worrying that she wasn't getting enough and trying to ply every bit of each bottle down her throat. I'd note down every feed and tot up the total every evening and sigh over how she wasn't downing anywhere near the amounts that the books said a baby her age should have. I really don't know what I was worrying about, she was perfectly healthy and no scrawny baby! Noah is so different. He just eats and eats, to the point where I think weaning him earlier than 6 months might be necessary. This doesn't thrill me the same way it did the first time round as I know the stresses and strains it can cause, although if he likes food as much as he likes his milk then it won't be stressful at all!

This week he has also started blowing raspberries and he's trying to roll over - he gets on his side and then gets all annoyed and starts crying. He giggles lots when I'm tickling him or pulling funny faces. I love his giggles! I also love that he hears my voice in a room and searches for me with his eyes. He'll stop looking at whoever he's with (even daddy!) and look for me. He's also started grasping toys and rattles which means he's starting to play.

The one other major difference between Isla and Noah is the sleeping, but again I put this down to experience. I don't run to him when I hear a cry from him if he should still be asleep and he very cleverly gets himself back in the land of nod! I find this quite wondrous because it took Isla till at least 6 months to do this. He also goes down in his cot really well and can get himself to sleep with minimal help and rarely a 'sshhh' - I used to 'ssshhhh' like a maniac with Isla - until my mouth was bone dry!

Another thing that's different 2nd time round is that I don't freak out so much about his development like I did with Isla. When that weekly Babycentre email hit my inbox when Isla was a baby I'd worry if she wasn't doing some of the things it mentioned. This time round I know that these things will happen and that they happen at different speeds for all babies. I know that he will roll over and eventually sit up on his own. That's not to say that I don't encourage these things to happen but I'm just measuring him less against other babies and I'm looking forward to watching Noah grow in his own time. I am enjoying him as a baby more than wishing him older.