Wednesday, 26 October 2011

WIN a trip to Lapland to meet Father Christmas!

How would you fancy winning a trip to Lapland to meet Father Christmas for you and your little one? I think all parents would love to provide their kids with the chance of meeting the big man in the flesh. It would be a dream come true!

Well Transun have set up Father Christmas with his own Facebook Page and Twitter account and in between reading all the children's Christmas lists and checking on who's been a good girl or boy this year he's posting updates about life in Lapland with Mrs Claus and giving updates on the Elves and the reindeer!

So how can you win this treat?  Visit the Facebook page to enter the competition for one lucky boy or girl (and an equally lucky parent!) to spend the day with Father Christmas in Lapland. Entrants must upload pictures of themselves in the Christmas spirit and explain in no more than 20 words why they deserve to win.

The deadline for the competition is 11th December, so get entering!! Ho ho ho!!


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