Sunday, 9 October 2011

Woah! Bye Bye Nappies!

I've wanted to tackle potty training with Isla for a while but with the arrival of Noah it's just been impossible, I haven't been able to concentrate and not had the patience for it. But this week it seems to have suddenly clicked in Isla's head that she wants to be out of nappies and if I'm honest it's me that's pulling back from it! But no, we're going for it head on and today was a whole day out in London wearing 'Big Girl Pants'!

Ever since she was about 1 we've had the potty in the bathroom and we've always encouraged her to go on it and she has used it on and off since the beginning of this year but we've not been regimented about it, it's all a very relaxed thing. For quite a while she has only done poo's on the potty as she clearly doesn't want it in her nappy but wees have not been as regular. Whenever we've asked her if she needs a wee she decides whether she wants to use the potty or not. I've always felt that it's important to remain as relaxed about the whole thing as possible so as not to have a power struggle over it.

The other thing we've been doing is reading Princess Polly's Potty - a brilliant book about Princess Polly and her journey through potty training which also involves the reader in the story. Isla really loves it and loves picking out her favourite potty from the ones pictured. It explains what Princess Polly goes through when learning to use her potty.

This week though, things have stepped up a gear and I partly attribute it to moving up to the older class at nursery. They have the potties out in a row in the classroom and the kids are encouraged to use it as and when they need. Also her best friend at nursery has started potty training so she has seen her going on it and has chosen to go and sit next to her on the potty and apparently they sit and have a little chat while they're on them! So when my Other Half went to collect Isla on Thursday they told him she'd done 4 wees that day on the potty and for us to bring her in knickers for the following day at nursery (with a bag of spare trousers and knickers in case of accidents) and they'd see how she got on the next day.

She was brilliant - no accidents, and loved wearing BIG GIRL PANTS!

So this morning, I didn't know what to do as we were going out for the whole day and I wasn't mentally ready for the challenge but I felt that if I put her in her pull ups we'd be going backwards on the good work that the nursery had done the day before. I took a deep breath and put her in knickers. We went out with the potty in tow and it was fine, even when there was an accident! I just had to remember to keep asking her at intervals if she needed a wee.

As I said there was an accident, but really I think it was more my fault as I didn't give her a reminder - and although it was an accident it became apparent that she was trying to hold it in once she told me she needed it. It leaked on her pants and trousers but once we'd reached the toilets there was still plenty more to come, so she'd tried hard not to let go! My only scary moment of the day was when we were at a bus stop near London Zoo and in this little voice she said 'I need a poo'. I just looked around and thought, 'where the hell are we going to do this?!' Luckily this proved to be a false alarm and I didn't have another poo situation on my hands!

Watch this space to see how we get on with this mission.