Tuesday, 29 November 2011

My toddler this week...

This week I witnessed the funniest tantrum yet and it all started with a banana!

Isla: I wanna 'nana
Me: We're going to nursery in a minute, you'll have breakfast there.
Isla: I wannaaaaaaa 'nanaaaaaaa (repeat x 12)
Me: OK then (goes gets banana, peels it and hands it over)

Isla: I wannnnnnaaaaaaa 'nanaaaaaa
Isla: (Now pointing at the remaining bananas in the fruit bowl) I wanthatone

She now throws the banana that I gave her on the floor and goes back to pointing at the other bananas. I ignore her and get Noah ready to leave the house. Then she goes over to the discarded banana, stamps on it and goes over to the window hysterically crying, looking out in despair. When she stamps on the banana I'm open mouthed, as I've never seen this level of stroppiness before! Then 2 minutes after stamping on it, she goes over to the banana picks it up and happily walks off eating it!!

Who could know that a banana could cause so much grief?!


  1. I have to say I'm not looking forward to this stage, but come it will. I guess its true what's said, when you keep calm they settle and fall into line in the end. Therein lies the challenge...

  2. It was an innocent apple juice drink for us this week!

  3. Oh, and another over not wanting a bath!

  4. Hahahaha! Brilliant! Don't you just love kids and their mad tantrums. MC can be fine most of the time but then go nuts occasionally at the strangest thing x

  5. We are this very minute having a tantrum over baked beans! It is 3.37, he has had lunch and its too early for tea but my 30mth old is "so starving mummy, I NEED more beans RIGHT NOW!" oh dear!!

  6. Oh goodness- must remember to remind myself to keep calm and ignore him when tantrums start up. Suppose we can see the funny side?