Sunday, 20 November 2011

Perform Party

Isla and I were recently invited by Energy PR to a Perform Party. We had no idea what it was about before we went but from the blurb it sounded like it would be right up Isla's street as she loves singing and dancing:

"Perform is a unique drama school for children, using a mix of drama, dance and singing specially formulated with a focus on child development to bring out every child's true potential, so we would love you to come along and see what Perform is all about. The Perform Parties are high energy, fun and totally infectious, children just can't resist joining in all the activities"

The parties will cover two age groups, so the whole family can come along and join in the fun
Mini Ps 1-3 year olds
Perform Parties 4-8 year olds"

Isla is 2 so she went to the Mini P's party. We were told that obviously the age ranges had to be a bit broader than usual for the purposes of the day, so the Mini P's party included things that were directed at young babies too. The theme for this party was 'Under the Sea' and the actress who ran the session was dressed as a mermaid, which I think Isla loved as it tied in with her current new obsession with The Little Mermaid!

The activities are used to promote the 4 C's - Confidence, Concentration, Communication and Coordination. The teachers use a unique mix of Drama, Dance and Singing to bring out every child's true potential.
What did Isla think of it? Well I think she enjoyed herself, she was a little bit tired during the session which was making her at times a bit 'free' and doing her own thing and I didn't feel like that was encouraged and the kids were expected to fall in line which doesn't always happen with 2 year olds. Isla was her usual friendly self and went off to hold the actresses hand who was leading the session so she obviously felt comfortable with her. Isla loves parachutes (this is a regular part of Gymboree and MAD Academy - classes that Isla has also loved) and so enjoyed this bit of it, she liked the instruments and the dancing. We didn't recognise the songs in the class but I guess with regular attendance then the kids would learn them. Unfortunately we also missed a bit of the session due to a toilet trip (grrr potty training!) but on the whole she had a good time.

Perform parties come in all different themes so you can pick one that fits in with your child's interests/ imagination:

Mini P’s
-          Fairies and Elves
-          Peppa Pig
-          The Night Garden
-          Teddy Bear Picnic

Perform parties:
-          Fairytale Forest
-          Popstarz
-          Superhero school
-          Ghost hunters
-          Magician’s Chamber
-          High School Musical
-          Peter Pan
-          Chocolate Adventure

Perform are not only about parties, they also run weekly classes and holiday courses. Go to Perform for more details and to see if there are classes near you. they are currently offering every child the first Perform session free here

All in all we had a fun mummy and daughter day in London, we received a delicious lunch and a goodie bag with T-shirt and CD on the day.


  1. Such cute pictures!

    We had a great time Ruby loved it (but then she is a bit of a show-off!)

  2. Freedom not being encouraged was an element I had forgotten and not mentioned in my post.
    It happened to us 3 times and all from the mermaid leader of the mini Ps.
    Thank God I forgot as I think my post was negative enough without mentioning that.
    A shame as the day was lovely and lunch was lovely.
    There was a great t-shirt in the goodie bag and a CD we have not listened to yet
    Liska xx

  3. Sounds fun! Wonder if there's a grown-ups version?

  4. Liska, if you have MAD academy near you then you should do a trial class with Aaron - it's brilliant and they emphasise at the beginning of the class that the kids should be free to do what they want and there are no restrictions. xx

  5. mmm, a grown ups version, think that's AMDRAM isn't it? ;-)