Weaning Has Begun!

Monday, 28 November 2011


  1. Liska said...:

    Wow is he 6 months already?
    Or you opted to do at 4?
    Either way, time is going far too fast.
    Liska x

  1. He's 4 months and 3 weeks and so very hungry! Not going longer than 2.5 hrs between feeds. Waking all through night, grabbing my food when I'm eating and watching me intently!

  1. northernmum said...:

    gosh how did he get so big!

  1. MsXpat said...:

    Aww precious! How's he responding to his first taste?

  1. he's loving it! It feels a bit weird though feeding a baby that can't sit up on their own, but he's definitely ready!

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