Monday, 19 December 2011

Isla & Noah this week

These are a few of my favourite photos of Isla and Noah from this week. As you can see I'm absolutely loving the Instagram and Hipstamatic apps on my iPhone!

Isla is getting really excited about Christmas, we were lucky enough to have a few hours just us girls to make a couple of Christmas cards for Nanny and Grandpa and Nanny H. She loved being let loose with the glue and glitter and I got all sorts of bits and bobs out for her to use on her cards - scraps of material, cut out pictures from my recent birthday cards and even some polystyrene packing that was in a parcel I got that day. We also decorated the tree together and she was fabulous at it - her approach is definitely the more you can put on the tree the better!

She is loving the advent calendar. It rarely gets forgotten in the morning as it's a CHOCOLATE one. Which is obviously very exciting in her book. Think she's really going to miss it when she gets to the last door.

Very much like fireworks night (absolutely terrified), she didn't like visiting Father Christmas in his grotto at Priory Farm. We got shown in to see him and she clung to me and cried. Not the kind of response I expected. It's funny as she's usually such a confident little thing.

Noah has started teething, he sleeps quite soundly until about 3.30am and then he just wakes up and ROARS. It's so sudden, 0 - 60 in 3 seconds! He's not bad in the daytime though and a friend of mine has just lent us her daughters Fisher Price Jumperoo and he absolutely loves it, although I checked the weight limit on it (25lb) and so it won't be long before he can't go in that! It's actually quite a disadvantage from a baby toy point of view to have a BIG baby as he outgrows things that other babies his age would still be playing with.

We're introducing him to more first tastes, he's really enjoying some HiPP Organic Baby food that we've been sent. More about that in another post.

All in all we're surviving, there are fun times and not so fun times (when the tiredness hits!) but this is a great time of year and I'm really looking forward to Noah's first Christmas with all the family.

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