Monday, 30 January 2012

Exercise and Me

I've always had a love/ hate relationship with exercise. As a child I swam a lot, did the odd bit of netball for school but I didn't work my way through the BAGA badges or go to ballet. My exercise was mainly tearing up and down my road on my bike and running around with the other kids in the street. As I got into my teens I didn't really do anything exercise wise (apart from running about after boys!), it was only when I got to university that I started being more body conscious and that was as a result of going out with a Sports Science student who made me feel fat most of the time and wouldn't hold back from commenting on how I could do this and that to improve myself. I went to the gym on and off for years as a result of that relationship.

Eventually I realised that I was throwing my money away, I would join, go a lot for a month or two and then never go again. Instead of going to the gym I started to enter into fitness challenges, like 5k and 10k runs and a swimathon or two. And that kind of thing really is the way to float my fitness boat. I can safely say that my best motivation to get fit in my life was my wedding. I went to a personal trainer and did boxing and I thoroughly enjoyed every minute of it. The confidence it gave me and the way I felt about my appearance was brilliant. I didn't wimp out of my sessions with rubbish excuses and I found I could wear the clothes I wanted to.

Since then I've had two kids and in between having them I used the excuse that I was going to have another child at some point so there would be no point me getting into shape until I'd had baby number 2. Well now I find myself in that position. Child number 2 is on the scene and 6 months later I'm now urging myself to get out and do some exercise! And guess what in the last 3 weeks I have! I have Zumbaa-d!!! Three times!! And I've done 30 lengths at the local pool. I also bought some new running trainers so I have to get out in them and I've also signed up to this years Marie Curie Swimathon.

I intend to blog about my fitness and exercise achievements as and when, it won't necessarily be a weekly thing but I do think that making some commitment to write about it will make me do at least 1 thing a week.

What do I want to gain from exercising? To be honest, it's not really weight loss that I'm after. I'm 5 foot 11 inches and 11 stone 4lb if you really want to know, so well within the normal weight boundaries for my height. Obviously if I'm going to exercise and be healthy I probably will drop a few pounds, but what I really want is to tone up and *feel* fit. I want to get to the point that exercise makes me feel energised, pretty hard when my nights are interrupted by the baby and my daytime's are super busy running around after 2 kids. I want to fit into some jeans that have been in the back of my cupboard for a couple of years now. Favourite ones that I had to wave the white flag to. So there you go. I commit to get fit.

I'd love to know if you're also on a fitness drive and what you're up to, let's spur each other on - tweet me, facebook me. We can all do with encouragement sometimes when it's winter and the TV and comfort food are calling......let's do it together!


  1. I go to Body Pump 3 times a week and it really is excellent exercise. A lot of people are dubious about it in case they bulk up. You won't. For it to work properly, you need to push yourself so the end of each track can't come soon enough. You soon get stronger and it's an ace way to exercise, esp if you are not very coordinated because you are either stood still or lying down. It's seriously good exercise which is currently in the shadow of Zumba, which is a shame cos it works.

  2. that sounds fab Kate! I'm not coordinated at all, which actually puts the fun factor into Zumba and also I've noticed that no one is looking at you, they're too busy trying to coordinate themselves! I hope I can exercise 3 times a week like you! ;-)

  3. You know me Sharon, I love exercise and the only thing that holds me back is a partner who works too late to enable me to go that much anymore. However, at 2020 tonight after putting my boy to bed I ummed and arred about whether to go to the gym/for a run and opted for a run. It's hard to motivate yourself, especially when it's freezing outside, but as soon as I'm on the road with my iPod playing early 90's house I'm glad I did it. I feel SO much better for doing it - even 20 min sometimes is better than nothing. A few sit ups and press ups when you get back and that's the whole thing done. I find it relieves stress and completely energises me - then I can have a guilt free glass or two of wine!!

  4. Pilates! (and hello, btw!) Am still looking for a good class in Wallington or Carshalton, possibly found one in Cheam on a Monday evening though...


  5. Maybe that's my trouble Sou, I've never felt guilty about my wine drinking! hahaha!
    Hi Jo, Cheam's a bit far for me, hope you get there and try it out x